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    There is a lot of wiring/gremlins to sort out.

    Looks like the brake reservoir sensor plugs have been chopped, there is a bypass link in one of the bulkhead connectors.
    The fuel pump is running with the ignition on and when you remove the fuel pump relay it still runs?
    Battery main cable runs from the boot down the nearside and right round the front of the car so would like change that and run through the chassis leg.
    Think the original ABY loom fuses have been spliced in to the v6 loom under the glove box instead of feeding to the fuse box.

    wiring.jpgwiring 2.jpgwiring under glove box.jpg


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      The rear window is now fitted
      Now the car is sealed again it will be getting some serious cleaning to remove 10years of dirt.

      window 2.jpgwindow 3.jpg


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        Not much been happening here got brakes and clutch bled through as brake pedal was going to the floor and clutch was not great either.
        So at least it is driving and braking.
        Gave it a wash and took wheels off to get rid of some of the old muck in the arches.
        Got it stored for later in the year as going to turn my attention on to the coupe to get the engine built up and back in.
        Certainly looking better now since it first arrived



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          Good to have some of the basics sorted ready for the next set of jobs.

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            I’m liking this!


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              Time to get it out of storage
              Any news?
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                Still stashed away
                Turned it over a few times and got a few more parts, original cross member, inter cooler and airbag steering wheel.
                Hope to move it into the garage before the end of the year and drop the running gear.