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My 3B project (ongoing)

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  • My 3B project (ongoing)

    Right guys.
    Seeing as I have been on here for a while now and bugging people with questions I thought it was about time to actually start my own project thread to show people what I have been up to.

    You will have to bare with me as I have been doing lots of little things here and there and I dont always have a camera to hand etc.

    Anyway here goes!

    The car is a 1991 3B S2 in Lazer Red which I bought back at the start of the year.

    The car was in a good condition as it had a re-spray a few years ago.

    I was enjoying the car as standard for a fair few months until the turbo decided to let go and it was here where the project begins really.

    Instead of getting the standard turbo refurbished I decided to go for a hybrid one from Richard (Hoffer) along with a remapped ecu aiming at around 280-300bhp.

    The old turbo came out (eventually) after taking the front end off. As this is the first time I have worked on an S2 obveously I was learning the hard way and things took longer than normal but hey I got there in the end.
    Frint end off:

    Old turbo out:

    Shiny new Turbo:

    New turbo In:


    The S2 sat next to my friends Carrado VR6 Turbo (if only I could keep up with it) after I got it all back together. Everything seemed great, car was running like a beaut and pulling like a train until one day when I was driving to go snowboarding and all of a sudden it started smoking again

    Now this is where all my trouble started. lol
    I started off by getting a compression test done which came back okay. I was burning through quite a bit of oil whilst driving around. So thought my rings had gone or something.

    I was looking at rebuilding the head at this point as it has done 180,000 miles and could be tired. The previous owner only used it to go to golf and only put around 500 miles on the clock each year and then I get my hands on it and use it as a daily drive. I can imagin it was a bit of a shock to the system.

    Anyway thanks to Kieth (Audis2avant) I bought a head that had recently been rebuilt which saved me a lot of time. I plan to rebuild the original head to a high spec evetually but that is on hold for now.

    With some help from my mate the front end was off again and the engine stripped down only this time in half the time as before now I know how and what order to do things in.

    Unfortunately I didnt take many photos at this stage as we were trying to change the head in a day and it slipped my mind to log everything but hey.

    Along with the head I also bought the following from Kieth:
    Almost new Radiator.
    Large Intercooler.
    Cross Member.
    Boost hose kit.
    Standard S2 front bumper (swapped for my RS2 replica)
    He also threw in lots of spare nuts and bolts and hose clips etc which was very kind of him.

    Everything put back together and running okay.

    After a few hundred miles of easy driving my good old friend returned! Smoke on start up and when driving hard and a misfire.
    Changed the plugs as they looked like thie:

    Then it was time that I started to look at the breather system to see if there were any blockages or splits anywhere as I was still burning oil. On inspection I found that I had split hose that runs from the inlet manifold to solenoid on the carbon canister. This explained why there was a lot of oil around the idle control valve and adjacent hoses.

    I decided to install a catch tank system at this piont so once again I went back to Kieth as I knew he had a catch tank system from a car he was breaking.

    I completely removed the old tired breather system from the crank case right through to the turbo-MAF pipe.

    To overcome the split hose that I found I used a length of 8mm ID silicone pipe to reconnect the solenoid to the inlet manifold

    I then connected the crank case to the catch tank and also the cam cover with silicone hoses as shown.

    I am planning to change the hoses for red ones at some point so the engine bay looks more together but at the moment the blue ones do the job. Due to the location of the catch tank the standard air box cannot be used. Thanks to Rusty's thread on cone filters I have bought a large "Green" twin cone air filter and currently working out how to istall it along with a new heat shield and cold air feed. I hope to have this installation done in the next week or so and take the car out for a spin to see the results.

    I will update as I go.

    During the time the S2 has been off the road I have played around with the interior a bit by adding carbon fibre effect vinyl from Carbon Mods.

    Not sure if I will keep it but I dont think it looks too bad.
    I also removed the tow bar that the car had when I bought it which has been bugging me for ages.

    After I have finished the cone filter install I will be turning my attension to the suspension as my front anti roll bar bushes are shot, infact I will probably look at renewing most of the bushes and mounts while Im there. Ive got a reconditioned rear diff to go in too at some point.

    I have also ordered a SEAT front splitter so will be fitting that at somepoint too. I may carbon skin it first though.

    Right enough for now but I glad I have finally got this up and running. At least now I will have more insentive to keep things updated.

    Thanks for taking time to look through my ramblings guys and any comments are always welcome.

    Oh I almost forgot..... Thought you guys might appriciate the car that I have been borrowing off my best mate whilst I have been doing this work so here are a few pics.

    Its actually a prototype BMW E12 M535. I cant remember exactly but I think its only one of 92 that are still running from the 1000 or so made.
    Proper old school. It even has cord Recaro's! Love it!!


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    Not sure why the pictures aren't showing.
    If there is a problem can the admin team let me know and I will sort it out.


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      you need to remove the html tags dude.
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        Yes, the only bit you need between the [ and ] is this bit

        S2 Coupe 3B Project

        Ur quattro restoration

        S2 Avant

        Boost is the new rock and roll!


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          and maybe shorten the post mate as i think you can only use about 10 IMG link tags in each post?
          Panthero Coupé quattro 20vt
          Indigo ABY coupé
          Imola B6 S4 Avant


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            You can use more than 10 per post


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              You have the pictures in double img tags if you copy the img link in photobucket post it directly into post do not put it in the picture link icon


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                Right guys. Think its all sorted now. Cheers for the help.


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                  Here is a pic of the BMW interior


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                    Need to improve my photograpghic skills!!


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                      Dude you've sullied your project thread with an old Beemer

                      S2 Coupe 3B Project

                      Ur quattro restoration

                      S2 Avant

                      Boost is the new rock and roll!


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                        Now come on! I know its not an Audi but it has some seriour retro pedigree!

                        I just thought I would share it with you guys thats all!


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                          I spotted that beemer half way through the post, red pinstripe and alloys were enough to catch my eye

                          What is the replacement turbo, a modded K24 or something custom?
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                            Nice thread! Looks like you've done quite a bit of work.

                            What do you think of the turbo and which one did you go for?

                            Are you based in MK by any chance?

                            Originally posted by djh View Post
                            You can use more than 10 per post
                            Originally posted by Error404 View Post
                            and maybe shorten the post mate as i think you can only use about 10 IMG link tags in each post?
                            Yeah i changed it a while ago, its unlimited now.


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                              The Turbo I went for was a k24 7000 hybrid from hoffer76

                              Im not quite sure on the technicals behind it but it seems to be doing a good job. Pick up is nice and quick and there doesnt seems to be to much lag although I havent had the chance to really test it yet. It seems to spool similar to the standard turbo but delivers so much more.

                              Im not in MK but kinda near there. I live in a place called Prince Risborough which is near Aylesbury.