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My wannabe S6 Plus project

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  • My wannabe S6 Plus project

    Decided to share my story of my TDI quattro that I have been improving over the last 6 years already. Bought it as my first car. Since I have had to do a lot of driving these years(altogether over 100k km in 6 years) I had to get something economical but it had to be a quattro. C4 S6 would have been nicer but not a student car so much. So that's what I started out with:

    The exterior of the car was totally stock A6 C4, technically it had quite a few flaws and problems that I started to figure out, although the engine has been running strong and the body is good also, not much rust.

    The interior was not very nice, steering wheel leather worn and also the driver's seat.

    Over the years I always thought I am not gonna spend a fortune on a car project - but for now I have spent quite a lot of time and money retrofitting all the goodies to this car.

    The car previously had -
    1AH = electronic differential lock (EDL)
    1BE = sports suspension/shock absorption
    1G3 = alloy spare wheel with original equipment tires
    2PV = leather trimmed sports steering wheel
    3AF = outer right rear view mirror: convex, powered, heated
    3BS = outer left rear view mirror: non-spherical, powered, heated
    3FQ = electric sliding/pop-up sun roof with automatic pre-selection
    4UE = airbag f. driver a. front seat passenger
    8AE = radio "delta"
    8RQ = speakers (active) with BOSE sound
    C1L = cast alloy wheels 7J x 16 five-arm style, offset 45
    M49 = 5-cyl. turbo diesel engine 2.5 L/103 kW with MVEG 2 base engine is T4E
    Q1D = sports front seats

    So it did not have very good equipment, it even did not have the automatic AC but I wanted it and some other features.

    And for now I have made my own equipment list what I have added to the car.
    • OEM automatic climate control with all original wiring and piping
    • 4x electric windows(with OEM wiring so the windows will be operated by central locking also)
    • Front fog light retrofit
    • Headlight washers with custom wiring(original relay) but controlled by a button on the wiper stalk(custom wiper stalk from A4 B5 Avant matched with C4 Avant one)
    • OEM flip key with Aerial central locking pump that communicates 433.92 MHz
    • OEM xenon lights with good Hella ballasts not some random aftermarket ones
    • S6 Plus electric sports leather seats with memory for drivers seat and for the mirrors
    • A8 D2 facelift big mirrors with memory function and auto dipping passenger side mirror and also folding
    • Chiptuning for extra power and to kill the dual mass flywheel
    • Single mass flywheel with 4.2 V8 pressure plate and 2.5 TDI AAT clutch disk
    • S6 Plus rear hatch with the 3rd brake light spoiler
    • S6 rear hatch light
    • S6 Plus blue instruments(with TDI spiral light for glow plugs)
    • S6 Plus shining black roof rails
    • S6 Plus 17x8 wheels
    • S6 Plus steering wheel
    • S6 Plus gear knob(brand new)
    • S6 brakes and struts with complete rehaul
    • S6 front bumper with fenders
    • S6 rear brakes with complete rehaul
    • S6 steering damper
    • Servotronic wiring and steering rack
    • Complete respray
    • urS4 "quattro" inscription rear glass
    • S6 strutbar
    • Glass sunroof instead of steel one
    • Dark headlining with all original S6 Plus plastic parts(not painted)
    • OBD II plug in center console like US sold C4-s
    • C5 facelift chrome exhaust tips

    And now some pictures of retrofitting and etc.
    They are somewhat organized and some of them have some description also.

    New steering wheel leather

    Rear diff seals replacement

    Cruise control retrofit

    S6 rear light

    4.2 V8 clutch pressure plate with 2.5 TDI AAT clutch disk

    Blue soft cloth interior that I had in the car for some time

    S6 Plus rear hatch spoiler

    Instruments workshop

    S6 Plus blue instruments

    S6 Plus with glow plugs

    New S6 Plus gear knob

    Original electric seat supports welded

    Coated to protect from corrosion

    Seat supports painted

    Drivers seat fitted

    S6 Plus door cards with carbon trim and black door levers

    Hella xenon ballasts just for more OEM

    Ballast fitted

    Xenon lights fitted and working

    New flipkey

    Adding 2 pins to central locking pump wiring

    Bench testing my climate control system

    Retrofitting the piping

    6.6L windscreen washer fluid reservoir with two pumps instead of 4.4L

    Can I put it back together??

    It works!

    Seat heater bulbs look dead in the picture, IRL they are good.

    OBD II plug in center console like US late C4-s(despite the cover)

    I cover it with the original piece of carpeting when not in use.

    Some new tires(Nokian Line 225/45/17 91V) for the Plus wheels

    Under the car

    Gearbox oil change

    FEBI oil that is applicapable to GL-4 gearboxes - I do not recommend, crunchy gear changes guaranteed changed it to OE in few thousand kilometers.

    That's more like it.

    Black anodized trims

    Old brakes and struts

    HP2 brakes getting sandblasted and powdercoated

    I don't like aftermarket ABS sensors so I cut a rusted A6 struts to get some original sensors

    Some new parts

    S6 struts sandblasted and powdercoated, old A6 one on the right.

    Rear brake splash guards S6

    Doing a custom wiring for memory mirrors to integrate folding function to the wiring. There are some cars with memory and folding mirrors but I have not seen in person.

    Labelling the wires and soldering

    Mirror folding relay

    Retrofitted the Servotronic steering rack with S6 steering damper

    Here is the Servotronic relay and also the "Komfortblinker" relay can be seen here.

    A quick "zahnriemenwechsel".

    It has been a driving project also, not always standing in the garage.

    Getting ready her for a paint job.

    The quattro glass I will fit to the S6 Plus rear hatch.

    Old headlining coming off

    Overhauled drivers door hinge

    After painting

    Difference between door seals seen below - S6 Plus on the left and standard on the right.

    Gluing the new headlining, old armrest works great.

    That's a bad picture. Too many pictures to notice this I hope.

    All parts fitted to the headlining. I like dark headlining.

    Glass sunroof and a new windshield.

    That looks reasonable thing to do.

    That's C5 TDI Facelift tips.

    That's how she looks at the moment. Sorry for the super long post.
    Hope you guys find it interesting or worth looking because it is still a TDI.
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    lol with all this job not sure it'll be not more easy to put a TDI in a S6+

    no really you did an awesome work on it ! (even if the Nogaro blue is really not my cup of tea)


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      If this was for salethis is a most perfect car


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        S6 ish

        Fantastic looking car mate, excellent work!


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          Awesome........ loving the choice upgrades.

          Lovin it!

          96 URS6 plus speck saloon
          96 URS6 plus speck estate
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          99 2.8 final edition Cabriolet


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            amazing... I admire your dedication!


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              As good as mdz's thread, and that's saying something.

              Love everything you've done including the window trim changes.

              The only things I would have done differently is 255/40/17 tyres, black brake calipers and Bilstein shocks with H&R 29800 springs with Albert's front arb mounts to increase castor.

              While stating the above as things I'd pick out, there are many many more items that you've done that are brilliant and the end result is stunning given what you've had to do.

              Thanks for sharing. Made my day, puts the work necessary on my UrS6 into perspective.


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                It just asks for lowering


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                  How did you remove the old black plastic sill trims and what did you use to put them back?


                  96 URS6 plus speck saloon
                  96 URS6 plus speck estate
                  94 2.6 80 Avant
                  99 2.8 final edition Cabriolet


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                    Mega Project and Fantastic!i believe i have seen your bench test the climate crtl on youtube before.
                    one of a few I5 from Asia.


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                      nice motor and love the upgrades brill
                      ABY Cricket Green Pearl Coupe, blk leather


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                        Lovely project. It's nice to see someone giving such quality attention to a C4.
                        '95 RS2 America
                        If you would like to see more frequent updates and this project finished please PayPal a few quid/euro/dollars to my forum name and at See HERE for more info. Cheers, Tom


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                          That's really smart. Looks and economy


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                            wow ,
                            Cab 2.3E


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                              Nice car

                              Have you done any upgrades to the engine yet?
                              1991 Audi S2 3B - 2.5 Stroker engine
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