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Wanted: Volunteers to test product to aid front strut-mounts.

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    I'll be in a position to fit a set too, look like the perfect update!
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      PM sent sir.

      Strut-Stops: quietly keeping simple stock strut top-mounts sufficiently strong and supple.
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        After only 5000km of use one of my new Audi original rear shocks has started leaking.

        Audi S2 1996 ABY Coupe.

        So I am planning to change all four to new Koni Sport shocks, (Using standard springs) At the same time I will be replacing the top mounts as a matter of good maintenance. I have 4 new Audi green top mounts ready to go in.

        We chatted previously on testing your top mount upgrades, can you advise what is required and the cost of a front and rear modification kit.

        Lots of potholes in South Africa I need to protect the top mounts as best as I can.




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          PM sent sir.

          Strut-Stops: people prefer to put in place a pre pot-hole preventative prescription to possibly provide permanent protection.
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            "Strut-Stops" pass the two-point-five year point in independent testing...

            End of early adopter pricing for Strut-Stops looms...

            All quiet on the enhanced OEM top-mount front. No reported mount failures. Thank you testers and fellow forum members for choosing Strut-Stops.

            Current price offer ends 30 Jun.


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              Only just caught onto these from Chris's use of them on the Classic Audi forum, Can I take a set please as about to do mine again for 2nd time in 3 years!!!! Let me know payment details etc etc Great product and idea
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                I'm interested to get a couple as well.
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                  PM's sent gentlemen.

                  Strut-Stops: Seeking to change the conversation around OEM top-mount capacity from one of obvious deficit to that of at least some in excess.


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                    "Strut-Stops" passed the 3.25 year point in independent testing at end of February past...

                    Still no mount failures to report I'm quite happy to say.

                    However, coincidentally approx. the beginning of the current singularity may mark the end of line for dealer supplied BOGE made Audi P/N suffix 355A mounts.

                    With the arrival of an order for a couple of these top-mounts quite a few weeks ago now, I was told by the parts person that I'd apparently purchased the last of these which had to be scoured from dealers across North America. However as this sort of dealer to dealer transfer is not altogether unusual, he couldn't say if they were truly NLA. At the time there was nothing official. But as that mirrored what I'd heard from a customer in the UK (Tractor Dave in fact), I wrote to both Audi and ZF. I just received a response from Audi Canada which confirms they will no longer supply this item. I also wrote to ZF, but have yet to hear back.

                    So, you may be lucky indeed to still find a pair of these last type at this point.

                    Plan B is as follows:

                    a) Still in both the BOGE (P/N 88-787-A) and Sachs (P/N 802 453) catalogs are the mounts listed for the latest cars (and as HD mounts for the earlier cars), which ought to be quite close to the 355A's predecessor, the most recently superseded Audi P/N, the suffix 323D dealer sourced BOGE's;

                    b) Tomorrow I'm going to post a list below of the Audi P/N's for the BOGE made but dealer supplied mounts and their relevant dates etc. going backwards, so that folks can have some idea of the relative strength of mounts they may find out there; &

                    c) As the only mount I found at Audi Tradition was listed under "Support", rather than the expected "Retainer", but more surprising was that the P/N written in their listing did not match the P/N in the photo (never a good sign), and neither number looked like a recent one, this avenue appears to currently have its pot-holes. To their credit, at least the listing appears to indicate that this item is for the mid-1980 to mid-1991 Sport quattro models and a few others (I believe the item pictured is a slightly earlier version).

                    Nevertheless, I will continue to supply "Strut-Stops" as before, as they have proved successful thus far. My hope is that there is enough excess capacity, at least in the combination of either of the 2 current ZF family mounts (in para a) above, plus the "Strut-Stops" reinforcement; that all will be satisfactory. This will require a new round of testing for which I will happily provide some limited number of reduced price kits (like I did previously) for those brave enough to try them earliest, in exchange for rapid deployment and timely feed-back.
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                      Audi / BOGE Strut Top-Mount Chronology...

                      This is an attempt to provide some history and possibly helpful perspective; and will eventually do a couple of things:

                      a) List the successive Audi P/N's for the always strictly BOGE made part available from the dealer, for the Mac. strut's top-mount, the point being in part to show the occasions when it was up-graded through the years and also point towards why; & also

                      b) When the latest version mount becomes truly NLA, procrastinators and late-comers may have, want and wish to know where a given mount ranks, and work their way back down the evolutionary tree as necessary in pursuit of the most load-capable and durable remaining mounts to be found.

                      As each new version was introduced by Audi, all the other mount manufacturers could opt to follow along with similar, or not, (or perhaps just say that they did!) An interesting wrinkle, likely unintended, is that since the last version, the suffix 355A mount was never formally listed by Audi; outside of ZF no other manufacturer would have necessarily have been aware of that last upgrade, so even if they were able to duplicate its capacity and durability or wanted to try, they simply may not have seen any need to improve their offerings.

                      At the same time, it may be instructive to think of what cars (and the weights of which) were brought into production concurrently with various mount versions, as BOGE would have been asked by Audi to re-make this part on each occasion through the several upgrades:

                      I do think there may be other numbers out there, and I don’t claim this list to be perfect, so if you have other info; please pipe in.

                      Most of these P/N's and dates are from a conversation between SCarGo and Just Paul years ago on Audiworld.

                      The Audi B1 which may have had the earliest version of our type of top-mount was available in 1972 (835 kg / 1841 lbs).

                      The 1974 Audi 50, in a version with the 0.895 ltr, engine may have been the lightest car with this type mounts (685 kg / 1503 lbs).

                      The first Audi B2 front wheel drive debuted in 1978 with a 1272 cc engine (890 kg / 1962 lbs).

                      - The 1st supersession I know of was as of 11/30/1980 when the original plain (no suffix) 811 412 323 mount was dropped and replaced with the 811 412 323 A

                      Late 1980 would have been when the Ur Quattro was being introduced (1,290 kg / 2,844 lbs).

                      - 2nd: The above was dropped as of 01/31/1981 for 811 412 323 C.

                      - 3rd & 4th: Both 857 412 323A & 857 412 323B likely appeared about here.

                      - 5th: Similarly, the famous blue low-profile UrQ mount must have appeared somewhere hereabouts, but was likely not ever listed as a proper replacement for the standard-height items.

                      In 1988 the larger B3 cars were introduced. In 1989, the 20v would have been incorporated into the UrQ (1,350 kg / 2,976 lbs).

                      The B3 Coupe, which always out-weighed the same year sedan, was: (1990 - 1440 kgs / 3174 lbs), and then (1991 - 1500 kgs / 3308 lbs).

                      - 6th: The above was dropped as of 12/31/1992 for 811 412 323 D. The V6 cars would have been introduced earlier that year (1370 kg / 3020 lbs).

                      - 7th: The above was dropped as of 06/30/1993 for 8A0 412 323 B. The RS2 Avant is available from mid-1993 (1595 kg / 3516 lbs).

                      - 8th: The above was dropped as of 02/28/1996 for 8A0 412 323 D.

                      All save one of the proceeding P/N's were at times listed in the dealers' ETKA as the current item, raising the publicly visible bar for other makers, if they were so inclined.

                      Again, as a kind of perhaps accidental (or not!) barrier to an otherwise more equal playing field for other mount-makers, because the last BOGE version was not brought into Audi's ETKA, this latest "un-listed" and last upgraded BOGE (P/N below) remained at least one unadvertised technical step above; and by reputation became recognized as ahead of all other makers' possible offerings. Very clever. Kind of like James Watt, who when labeling his newly-minted steam-engine as but one horsepower, whilst ensuring it was more than capable of what any one real-life horse could ever demonstrate. Sort of reverse-bragging!

                      - 9th: The above was dropped as of at least 03/22/2006 if not sooner for 8A0 412 355A.

                      If one can assume for a moment that the front mounts together carry roughly 2/3rds of the total car weight in all cases, then note that through the years, this little item has been morphed from having to carry a mere 228kg / 503 lbs. each, to 531kg / 1172 lbs. each, all with the car empty. That doubling of just the static loading; ought to make it pretty clear why you may want the latest ones possible.
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                        Bump! (...looking back briefly at the pot-hole, now in the rear-view mirror) "Whew, that was close!" What's to say that next time won't be worse and you might not be so lucky tomorrow?

                        Predictions abound as to where we are currently headed. This one isn't too surprising. You are going to bust your top-mounts. Perhaps you hadn't realized Audi has been fitting predictive suspensions as original equipment; for over 30 years! Short of repeating that too familiar pattern or retrofitting some of what is shown below, this mod is about what may be both a satisfactory and simpler choice; and less expensive than either.

                        Strut-Stops - PPE for top-mounts.

                        Audi’s Predictive Suspension illustration.png
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                          Hi bud can I have a set of these please


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                            Certainly sir,

                            Pm sent.

                            Strut-Stops - providing owners good reason to forget about having to keep replacing their top-mounts, for four years now.