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s6 broken down starts then stops

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    Might be better to dry it out as best you can using some kind of fan heater or similar in situ.
    Besides until you have proven it was connected to this issue it might make sense to leave those components accessable.
    Keep a few fuses of the right rating in the car just in case they blow during the test otherwise you will be stranded. At least the thermal ones reset!
    Pin 39 is a coding plug so shouldn't make any difference.


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      To remove the carpet, the seats and the console have to come out. Then you have to cut the carpet up high on the transmission hump under the heater box. Sounds stupid but you might want to then use a commercial high pressure water/soap vacuum carpet cleaner rental machine ("Mr. Carpet") to clean the carpet before you actually let it dry out. You'll never have a better opportunity for a nice clean carpet.
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        As the fuel pump is in the tank, is there a relay, or some kind of thermal cut out other than the fuel pump relay


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            Thanks Robin. Beat me to it. (J17 Fuel pump relay and why it is so important).

            In addition to that 220bhp might want to read:

            G6 Fuel Pump Info:


            RS2'd 93 UrS4 5 spd sedan
            94 UrS4 V8 6 spd manual avant


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              I have taken up the carpet and hired a small boat so I could bail out the water. Its amazing how much water there was yet the carpet itself was not that damp to the touch.
              The thermal fuses where changed along with a new bosch fuel pump.
              The car went for several miles with no issues, so I hope that's an end to it .
              I cannot be sure what exactly fixed the car, [assuming it is fixed] but I think that it might have been the fuel pump.
              Thanks for all the help and advise .


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                Good work

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