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Car Broke down! :/ after full revs Any help /advice?

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  • Originally posted by newsh View Post
    Chris, have you driven on the Nurburgring before?
    I would concentrate on reliability and safety. A standard car will have plenty of power, in any case you will get passed by locals in 150hp stripped out golfs and polos..
    The last thing you want is to drop oil or coolant and get a huge bill for causing someone to crash.

    I don’t know how heavy you are on the brakes but I would check everything over including hoses, change the discs and pads if worn and definitely change the brake fluid.

    There’s no point fitting a bigger turbo to a stock manifold, the manifold is the bottle neck. You should find the car is more responsive and feels more powerful on the new ECU as long as everything else is working well and the tuner knows what he’s doing.
    Boom!! thank you both guys!! Greg_S I will look into this now.. man ... more things. is there anywhere I can purchase these bits Greg you have mentioned?

    Thank you,


    • Contact alex about the coil conversion loom and you can order the ignition coils yourself.

      checkout the mgb GT oil cooler conversion. Also check out the guides on the forum on maintenance checks.

      Greg Administrator & Webmaster

      '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


      • Greg Where do look to check out this oil cooler conversion?


        • Originally posted by bilko0795 View Post
          Greg Where do look to check out this oil cooler conversion?
          Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
          Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


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