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Audi S2 Coupe sound upgrade problems and solutions using Alpine

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  • Audi S2 Coupe sound upgrade problems and solutions using Alpine

    The objective is to keep the car looking stock but to improve the sound system. The head unit with all the features I am looking for is an exception to the rule, I am not going for a tape deck

    I am going with Alpine speakers and an Alpine head unit.

    I am not at this stage going to put a sub-woofer in or an amplifier. The system wiring will be built for both to be fitted at a later stage if required. Also going heavy on the size of the speaker cables. 10 gauge.

    The rear speaker I decided on was the Alpine SPR-50C Component. 100 watt RMS 300 watt peak. 5.25" with a 1" dome tweeter. Its a bit more than I need but the tweeter was a great match to fit inside the housing of the original tweeter and the 5.25 was also a good fit. Both speakers required some small mods to the mounting but nothing that cannot be overcome with some small tools.

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    Old tweeters guts
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      Looking forward to seeing your progress. I am going to be fitting a Porsche Classic Radio Navigation system head unit, keeping my front focals, replacing the rear speakers with built-in tweeters and then using an Alpine PWD-X5 Amplifier with built-in sub-woofer to finish off. Hopefully not much longer now.
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        I decided to go for a more modern head unit with all the features.

        If needed I am also looking at a 4 Ch amp if I need a bit more power it is a kicker. And if I go the sub route then I will get a mono block. KEY1804.pdf


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          One Tweeter rebuilt ready to go in
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            rear speakers like the front needed a small bit of grinding, nothing special.
            I also made the old locking tabs flat also easy job.

            The speaker fixing locations matched the four of the backplate slots. basically just screwed it into place then fitted to the mounting position.

            The speaker etc is fixed with press fit securing star washers. get a new set from your local hardware store. Note the Plate securing star washers are a different size. Measure both before buying.

            You will also notice the two home made panel securing tabs. I found them missing when I removed the side panel. I also found the two top securing clips missing. Audi South Africa are buying them for me from Audi Tradition.

            Make sure the speaker and side panel are a tight fit. Any vibration will cause problems with your sound quality.

            EDIT also note the bottom two speaker securing tabs needed 4mm cut off to allow me to correctly align the speaker. Easy job.
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            Last edited by orsum; 20th June 2019, 13:36. Reason: Missed out having to cut the 5.25 inch speaker securing tabs shorter.


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              The speaker cable I am going to use
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                So the front speakers top cover.

                I could clearly see they looked like they were blocked with what I thought was years of dirt. I was wrong.

                I soaked them, scrubbed them chemically, washed them in very hot water and I used my tooth brush but they would not clear the mess of whatever was blocking the air flow. (Passage of sound)

                I eventually decided to poke a needle through each hole, what a mission.

                In the picture you can clearly see the difference using a needle makes. If I blow through the blocked side and then the cleared side there is a big difference to the flow of air. this is two days of poking and my finger is sore.

                Its going to take me 8 days of sticking the bloody needle through each hole.
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                  That takes some comittment to do that, I think I'd have gone insane by day two.


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                    Yes my wife said I should be committed.

                    I think you need to be a bit insane to own an S2


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                      You can try to look for metallic speaker covers. Random B3s (maybe 90s?) had them and they are acoustically transparent, doesn't block the sound like these plastic ones does.


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                        Yes as Mdz mentions you can get another version which is better


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                          The difference is clear to see. I also did a little talking test with both covers held close to my mouth. The difference in the sound was dramatic.

                          The one I just opened up was clear, the other was very muffled.

                          For now I think I will just open the other one up and see how they allow the sound through when I have installed the rest of the system.

                          So far I am happy with the result.

                          Quote from mdz
                          You can try to look for metallic speaker covers. Random B3s (maybe 90s?) had them and they are acoustically transparent, doesn't block the sound like these plastic ones does.

                          I have been looking in South Africa for replacements but so far I have not seen anything.
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                            I would be tempted to put them on the dishwasher on a low temperature to get them cleaned up.

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                              I tried everything to clean them every way I could with every chemical known to man, nothing worked.

                              Looking closer it appears to be part of the pressing. It does not surprise me the front speaker sounded crap.

                              Just for interest does anybody have a picture of another front S2 speaker cover to see if its the same?