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Audi S2 Coupe sound upgrade problems and solutions using Alpine

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    Ordering that one on the ebay link above, I got a genuine VW aerial in a sealed bag.


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      Originally posted by Bowie69 View Post
      Ordering that one on the ebay link above, I got a genuine VW aerial in a sealed bag.
      Did you get it with the rubber seal as well?
      I didn't last time so I need a better source for one.
      Audi S2 -1994 | 480 Hp 650 Nm | FlexFuel | MaxxECU | 3" Stainless | Porsche GT3 Front Brakes


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        Yup, everything was there.


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          Mercedes South Africa can supply it at about the same price as ebay, Transport, tax, VAT and import duty is a killer when importing to SA.

          Thanks for the link others may be able to use it.


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            Fair play, forgot your location


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              First bit of luck in a long time. The original aerial is now working.

              The guy who did the roof lining did a poor job of connecting it and there was some sort of black sticky stuff one the inside pin. I gave everything a good clean made a good connection and hey the radio is now working.

              The quarter panel clips finally arrived and everything has now been fitted and connected, everything is working and sounding very good.

              If you do ever decide to refit your system all I can say is its easy if the person before you did a good job then its easy. Mine was a pain to do. Basically sorting the bad wiring and locating & replacing missing parts.

              At this stage an amplifier will not be required, the system is loud enough.

              The only thing left to do it set up the speaker levels which my son will do and I am good to go.

              Definitely a good upgrade.