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Audi S2 Coupe sound upgrade problems and solutions using Alpine

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    Following this thread with interest, this is something I need to get round to soon. Been putting up with terrible sound quality for years now!! I may just copy this setup if it works out good. Keep up the good work fella.


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      Also, is replacing the original speaker wire necessary when upgrading to speakers like these one's. Would there be an audible difference? Cheers


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        No, especially over that very short run.


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          Replacing the wires?

          Basically the way I see it is less loss in a thicker cable. "Volt drop".

          My old home sound system used a thin single pair to each speaker. I changed the cross sectional area to 2.5 mm sq. It increase the volume by 50%. I put it down to a simple electrical law of resistivity of a copper cable.

          R = ρ*L/A

          R is the end-to-end resistance in Ohms. As little as possible
          ρ is the resistivity of the material in Ohm Metres. Copper
          L is the length in metres. I did not change the length.
          A is the cross sectional area in square metres Basically doubled the cross section.
          , R = RL/A

          My present home 11.2 Atmos system has 2 cables to each speaker and separate amps to the front three speakers.

          So what I am saying is the less resistance your cable has the better. Also I had this cable and felt there was no harm in using it.

          I must also add the front speakers came with some cable and it was thinner than the original wiring. I decided to use the front original wiring.

          As for the rears it was an easy job to replace the existing wiring with the new and much thicker cable. With everything taken apart it was a no brainer I replace the cables.


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            Whats the RMS output of the head unit, per channel?


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              Sorry I must add the power being driven is also a factor. The rears I have fitted are 100w rms so I future proofed the wiring on the rears as I may add an amplifier if I feel it requires a bit extra.

              All cables have loss but if that loss is not causing an issue with what you use then there is no need to replace the cable.


              Test the original cable are still in a good condition if you intend to use them.

              Test they are not shorting to the body or to each other. Not nice to put in new equipment only to blow the amp.


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                The one I have is 50 rms but that may increase in the future.

                I think they over state the power so I planned the rears for a possible amplifier.


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                  orsum , which head unit did you go with in the end?

                  I keep looking to try and find a modern one which fits the dash styling better, rather than the glowing/bright white halfords trash that seems to be everywhere.


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                    This is the so called top of the range from Alpine South Africa.

                    It has all the functions you will ever need.

                    I real life it looks nice. The display colours can be changed to any colour you wish. I am going to match it to the instrument cluster colour.
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                      3 pairs of rca at 4v?
                      photobucket SUCKS


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                        Yep 3 pairs of rca at 4v

                        • Power Output: 4 x 50W High Power Amplifier
                        • Display: High Resolution LCD Display
                        • White LED Backlighting System
                        • Illumination Buttons: 4 Illumination Colour Selectable (Blue/Green/Red/Amber)
                        • High Grade Audiophile Design
                        • 3 PreOuts (4V, Front + Rear + Subwoofer)
                        • DAC: 24-bit DAC
                        • AUX-In: Rear AUX Input (3.5mm mini jack)
                        • Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready
                        • OEM Sub-display Ready
                        • Remote Control Ready


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                          2nd hand bought

                          But the sound is worse than the last one
                          very ugly on our dashboard but very good sound
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                          photobucket SUCKS


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                            I think the quality of the head unit I purchased should be ok.


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                              Originally posted by orsum View Post
                              I think the quality of the head unit I purchased should be ok.

                              I need charger controller, I need a Kenwood head unit
                              Or sell the charger and head and buy a Alpine

                              Pd. Red colour but white panel, true? Not all red, true?
                              photobucket SUCKS


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                                White panel with colour preference selectable by user.
                                Large, Bright High Resolution Display

                                Alpine’s high-resolution display is big and clear for high visibility. You’ll find that it’s easier of use and makes driving safer. It occupies a large area of the front panel, giving you sharply clear text and graphics. All of the menu and music information is easier to see, and best of all it stays clear whether it’s bright or dark in the car.

                                Choose Your Favourite Colour

                                Quad Illumination is a popular feature that lets you choose four colour schemes: red, green, blue or amber. When you select one, all of the buttons change colour. Match the colour of your dashboard illumination to give your cabin interior a nice unified look.

                                USB at the rear of the head unit. Long cable supplied and can be positioned in and area suitable.

                                Also Aux input at the rear from any aux audio signal.