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    Just taking the opportunity to say hello. I've just bought my first S2 a 1992 panther black 3b engined coupe with full black leather with 140,000 and a very extensive history.
    A friend had an avant years ago and i drove it round the ring years ago. I always said I'd own one myself.
    I intend to build what is a very good example into an excellent one and keep it standard well a little oem+.

    I've already replaced several dash bulbs,cleaned up the slight speedo peel snagging the speed ( horrible sensation not knowing your speed)
    It has a a habit of cutting power violently at 5500 rpm. Vag com lists a MAP sensor fault which as i have already found a massive hole in crankcase breather. ( Anyone know where to get one?) £55 from Audi but no stock so huge wait and may not get one anyway. I think is due to vac leaks.
    I also found vac pipe from FPR to inlet mani ripped in two. Replaced.
    Cleaned out ISV and certainly idles better. I hope when crankcase pipe replaced it will be spot on.
    The next job is to replace the triangular gaskets from the "accordian" to downpipe the lower one is leaking terribly.

    THe other immediate item to address is the brake warning going off on cold start. I've read this can be the brake accumulator...
    Where do you guys and girls get your parts from. I use my local VW dealers as the parts guy is mate and bends over backwards to source bits. However given the age he thinks a lot of parts will be obselete.

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    Hi and welcome,

    I'm very new here - did you buy that from piston heads last saturday...because i was going to buy it on sunday haha!


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      Sounds great, you bought the best colour!
      Get all those old leaky vac and breather hoses replaced and get it leak tested.
      Once you got it running right, you can start refreshing anything thats seen better days, and enjoying the car.
      I am sure any problems you have will already ahve been suffered and solved by someone, a problem shared is a problem halved as they say
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        HI I did buy it from Pistonheads. I went to look at it the day after the advert went on and left a deposit pretty quick. I picked it up Sunday morning.
        If i'm honest it's not quite as tidy in the flesh as the photo's suggested and I now realise that the owner was starting it before i got there to get rid of the brake warning thing, he told a couple of little porkies. Oh well i'm still very pleased with it.
        PS sorry if i did you out of a car.


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          Welcome to the forum, As Error said get all the vac pipes sorted and start enjoying the car. Most technical issues you will get can be answered by members of the forum. Enjoy s2 ownership. Also try and put some pictures up, everybody likes pictures.
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            I have a cheap alternative to breather hose kit if your after one.


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              where abouts are you bud,


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                You need to do the accumulator test detailed on to get an idea of its condition. If it's not knackered then a fluid flush and clean of the reservoir cap are easy fixes. It's lhm mineral oil, not PAS fluid BTW. I found a massive difference in changing the fluid at similar miles - worth doing it a few times to get it nice and green, not black.

                I sell replacement dial faces if you want to sort the peeling properly.
                Cheers'en, AndyC

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                    Welcome to the forum. As for parts usually one of a few places, S2Avant (TPS Dealer), Shrewsbury Audi, Quattro Corner, Forum members and ebay

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                      sounds like you're on the right track already, good luck sorting it

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                        I've taken a call to say that my parts guy has gone the extra mile again and has a breather pipe in his greasy mitts £45.

                        I'm happy to report that after replacing the knackered fibre vac pipes with silicone ones and replacing accordian gaskets i can rev cleanly to red line.....

                        I still need to get to bottom of brake flash etc. I've pumped brake pedal and can't say it builds up quickly. I need to sort it as the bleep is annoying already.

                        I'm defo interested in new dials faces as want it spot on. The problem of the speedo sticking persists. I hope a little spray of silicone oil will free it up.
                        It sticks at points throughout the clock but nearly always sticks at 20 on way down. A quick tap and it drops again. I'm fairly certain it isn't the VSS in box as it sticks on return to rest.

                        Anyone any experience of lubing the speedo. I was well into 3 figures ( on a private road honest) and it was reading 90...

                        And finally i'm in REdditch Worcs..


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                          Another thing i need to address is the sunroof. It's dead however i rigged the motor direct to a 12 volt feed and it opened and shuts smoothly. The mech all looks good. Why won't it work on switch. I will look at relay but thought this would affect windows too????
                          cheers Steven


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                            Maybe the potentiomenter on the Sunroof switch is bad, if you have a pre-select switch. You could get one off a C4. It is the same.


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                              The speedo faces often peel and cause the needle to stick.
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