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    to the forum one thing we members like is photos!!!! sounds like a canny purchase and black coupes are always the best!!!!


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      I will get some photo's on here just want to get her up to my standard of cleanliness first. The leather needs a treatment and a spruce up first, outside is very good but there's room for improvement.

      The sticking speedo is not being caused by face peeling. I've already took it out and cleaned up the face and still doing it.

      ALso i need some new dial faces to get it spot on.


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        Also how do i test the sunroof? Has anyone done a definitive guide?
        If i reg the motor directly to a 12 v feed it opens shuts and tilts very smoothly so it would suggest motor and mech are fine. But there is no power from the button. Is the switch likely to have failed? Hard to believe but i suppose everything possible.

        Has anyone bought the rubber trims at bottom of doors etc recently? Mine are a little ripply but my brothers Coupe 16v really spoil an otherwise very tidy car.

        Also meant to say if anyone needs VCDS for anything I have the full working programme CAN/HEX cable and 2x2 cable for older stuff. So if you're local just give a shout.

        I also have elsawin and Etka programmes for part and repairs etc.


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          RE: the sunroof you can check the relay for dry solder joints, and also the micro-switches on the motor do come apart and cause problems, as the sunroof thinks its open so doesn't work off the switch
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            to a great forum iv bought the bottom door rubbers they are about £78 a pair from Tps and there are plenty in stock in uk.


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              Well i set about replacing the breather hose this weekend. Easy job but no bloody room to get in. Anyway 50 miles and no horrible loss of power etc. I'll clear and check fault codes again in a few miles hopefully it will stay clear.

              As for the speedo it still sticks on occasion and seems to do it more once ambient temp in car is warm???

              I had a little look at the sunroof again. I took the relay out and couldn't see any fractures in the solder joints. However when I wiggled the relay about the sunroof button illumination would flicker on and off suggesting power isn't getting to the switch.

              ANyone got any ideas regarding the speedo?
              Also the relay failing generally affects windows too. Has anyone experienced it just affecting sunroof? I'm happy to buy a relay to get roof working but don't like guessing and throwing parts at it.

              thanks Steven


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                I know i ask a lot of q's but I'm still learning with this car. The LCD for the multi function comp has bled. I know it;s common but has anyone ever fixed one. Or is it a case of replacing the auto check part of clocks.

                The annoying red warning bleep still persists i've checked levels and all are healthy. The PAS steering switch seems to work as it should.


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                  Well after a frustrating week of breaking more than i fixed i have finally got the engine running as sweet as a nut. I replaced the breather hose and cleaned out the gunk in the others. I cleared the fault codes and waited to see what returned. All seemed well until i floored it in 2nd and the noise of boost leaking could be heard. I discovered the short rubber piece connecting the two halves of the metal pipe from the intercooler had torn about 3inches. I have wrapped this in silicone tape as a temp fix and took car out.
                  All i can say is what a difference. I cannot find enough road to get it to redline now....
                  But better than that I have done a few miles and get no fault codes. result.

                  I have also replaced the clock faces and the speedo works perfectly. Thanks Rusty £59 well spent.

                  All i need to do now is sort out the sunroof issue and the rest is purely getting it to my level of clean and a good leather treatment.

                  Does anyone know where i can get the connecting intercooler hose from. It is £30 plus from Audi its a poxy bit of rubber that should be £5 tops.


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                    Which part? Somebody may have one.

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                      It's part 26 on the diagram. The correct diameter silicone hose would do the job. I just need to get around to measuring the diameter and finding a company to supply such a small piece. cheers


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                        You could post up in the wanted section on here, or ebay it once you get the diameter.
                        Current-2004 Impreza PPP wagon

                        Sold-92 3B coupe-RS2+, 996s, konis, rear torsen, forged rods........
                        Sold ABY-stock


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                          I'm making some real progress with the car today. A friend who is a whizz with electrics has been testing the sunroof and everything checked out well.
                          We've realised that there should be a relay going into the large block terminal attached to the motor. He jumped a couple of cables and the sunroof started working.
                          I called Audi, it's not expensive but it seems that the relay is on back order with no anticipated date.
                          Why the relay has been removed i'm not sure, I assume it had failed.
                          Does anyone have a relay they want to sell?


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                            I'm getting to the point where i am really pleased with this car now. The engine is pulling consistently without any faults. I'm getting used to the handling and the stupidly light PAS and getting quite confident in the cars ability to corner with ease.
                            I've spent the day cleaning the leather, treating it and cleaning every little part of the interior. I'll attack the paint tomorrow and weather permitting get some pics on here and show the old girl off.


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                              I have another question. When i get the car on full lock or somewhere near at low speed on tarmas=c it feels as though the tyres are grabbing on side walls.
                              I'm thinking this is a characteristic of the quattro system as the centre diff is being worked etc. However I still have a niggle that something is wrong. Anyone shed any light on this.
                              My wifes TT doesn't do this but that said I understand the HAldax system used in the TT etc is very different and the power is geared mainly to the front most of the time.
                              Somebody please set my mind at ease that this is a characteristic of the car.
                              The only other things to mention is front tyres have about 4 mm left and i haven't had it 4 wheel aligned yet...


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