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Buying an S2 Coupe - Am I walking into a world of pain.

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  • Buying an S2 Coupe - Am I walking into a world of pain.

    For the last few months I've been thinking about selling my A6 C7 to fund an S2 Coupe. I've been wanting one for years. I still remember a brief ownership of a a 2.6E many years ago, and since then I've had a range of Audi's from basic A4's to an RS4 & A8, but out of all the cars I've owned the Audi coupe keeps drawing me back. I have driven an S2 coupe but it was many years ago.

    Now I'm currently restoring a 1996 Audi A4, it was the very first car I bought back in 1998, and I've had it ever since. It's now done over 215K miles and it's being restored, I'm doing all the work myself and it's cost me a small fortune (last year) in parts from Audi tradition, ebay and a few other places.

    So I'm looking for a late model (95/96) S2 Coupe in Laser Red but I am concerned a little about getting parts for the car. It's not going to be a garage queen and will get around 5K miles a year on it. So I'm concerned about getting hold of the basic parts, like bearing, arms etc. I've also seen posts requesting a windscreen for a coupe, are they still made, so if I got a damaged screen then I'll have to hunt around on ebay or breakers for used parts, rather than going to Autoglass etc.

    Thanks for any reply's
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    I'm a previous owner, and possibly a future owner too, but I couldn't run one as my only car again.

    Basic parts were fine for my 1991, and should be even better for the late models, but certain things were either impossible to source or meant a lot of searching on (often) foreign websites and taking a bit of a gamble on description/condition/shipping. My car definitely wasn't the best example but many 'little' jobs ended up with the car in pieces for weeks, and hour upon hour of reading up on things.

    In standard trim they're not fast by todays standards, but are an engaging and enjoyable drive. They look awesome and this forum was one of the best parts about being an S2 owner, there's nothing these guys don't know.


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      Originally posted by sidrick View Post
      there's nothing these guys don't know.
      Except for where all the rare and hard to find parts are...


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        Being honest , these cars can be a pain in the **** , they are difficult to work on and can be difficult to get spares for , in other words a specialist car and requiring a dedicated owner , however when they have been fettled and are running well they are the best car you will drive , I for one will never get rid of mine


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          Completely agree with Simon…early cars are a nightmare for in situ work, later with the relocated battery are a bit better but it is all relative!

          parts are a challenge but not impossible. If you found the forum, you can find parts but they wont be at gsf or ecp normally, so it isnt a car you can fix in five mins usually. If you have a garage, you should be fine!

          on song and in good health, they are a great car and the shape is genuinely timeless.

          1992 3b S2 Coupe


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            your walking into a money pit basically


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              We still use our S2 Avant as a daily. Generally speaking we’ve not had too many problems with parts until about 2 years ago when it was off the road for several days getting a replacement rear calliper. This year we had a similar issue with a front brake carrier. Clearly one solution to both of these issues is to upgrade to a well known conversion where parts are more readily available. (Worth noting when buying).

              Ours (especially post COVID) is averaging below 2000 miles a year, so whilst out in all weathers it isn’t racking up the mileage and we do have other cars if it’s awaiting parts.

              The hardest part is probably getting them running right, they’re either bloomin fantastic or a never ending saga of chasing boost leaks, sensors, valves, smoke, leaks (of every known fluid to the motor industry) or squeaks and rattles. If you accept these things are a £30k car new that’s around 30-years old and approach ownership with your eyes wide open, you’ll be fine.
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              93 MTMS2 Avant


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                Thanks for all the comments, would have responded earlier but been away to Alton Towers with the kids.

                I'm well up for any work on the cars, and prefer to work on them myself on them rather than give them to garages which I just don't trust these days, even more so when it comes to my local Audi dealers!

                Sound like parts are tricky to buy, but I take it some of the parts are the same as a normal Audi Coupe?


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                  Another daily-er here, though a coupe quattro 20, so minus a turbo compared to an S2.

                  They share many parts, major differences are around hubs, (5 vs 4 stud), driveshafts, gearbox on later vehicles (6 speed) and obviously the turbo makes a difference under the bonnet, plus the cosmetic changes around bumper, bonnet etc, but not much there.

                  You will always know what is unique to the S2 -you can just add a zero to the price!


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                    Mine is daily also and near 400KKm, never been of the road for repairs, only for programed maintenance, it as been extremely reliable and is on LPG since 180KKm, only left me on the side of the road once because of a broken radiator neck, the rest of the problems have been solved on the road with a Swiss Army Knife (true!) or with new or recondition parts.
                    I´ve always found the parts I need and feel that have fewer problems because it´s driven almost every day and sensibly.

                    Best car I´ve ever had!


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                      P.s. mine is on 230K miles.....


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                        So my A6 is now sold and it goes tomorrow. I'll miss the car as it was a factory order to my specification. However prices for used low mileage cars is very strong at the moment, and I've been tracking the prices over the last year. At the start of the year I was seeing prices around the £17K and it's now just sold for over £20K. It's also due, service, MOT, gearbox service and 5 year cambelt change, so if I had that little lot done then I would be looking at a bill of well over £1,000. So it's the right time to sell.

                        Bye Bye A6, hello S2 (When I find one).



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                          Yes, strange times we are in. I've just sold my Tiguan for £4k more than I paid for it 9 months ago
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                            Originally posted by Tractor Dave View Post
                            Yes, strange times we are in. I've just sold my Tiguan for £4k more than I paid for it 9 months ago
                            Blimey Dave, when we met a month ago and you said you were considering selling it so soon after buying it new, I thought you were pulling my pud!

                            Fair play though.

                            85 WR Urquattro, 85 20vT International liveried RallyRep
                            93 MTMS2 Avant


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                              Well going to give up on trying to find one in laser red, so opened up to any colour except black & white. Looking at a Blue one but that sold today.