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  • 93 S2 Avant

    Hi all,

    So I have been after a project for some time now and an S2 avant came up for sale online within budget. I went to take a look and it was clear that it was going to need some work to get it back to the correct condition but it has had quite a lot spent on it already and it seems to have an interesting history so I decided to go ahead. I collected the car on Saturday and it's currently at my house waiting for some work.

    The car is a '93 S2 avant in "Classic White". It appears to have been registered with VAG and used as a press car along with 2 others with sequential registrations. I have found an article from 2003 showing a photo of this car and I believe that this car was also featured in some magazines in '93 with reviews but I haven't located photos of those yet. Any help here would be appreciated!

    Given that it's such an early car it has no roof rails, non-elipsoidal lights, orange indicators, no ABS button and would have had earlier 5-spoke wheels which have since been replaced.

    I have attached some pics showing how it currently stands and the magazine article

    There is plenty to do- the rear brakes keep sticking and yesterday caused the brakes to boil so I've ordered some rear caliper rebuild bits even though the main issue is rust from the caliper bodies getting stuck between pads etc I think.

    If anyone can recommend a good garage for a cambelt and service in the Cambridge/Newmarket area I would really appreciate it.

    I'll try and update this as I go, but please feel free to give advise/warnings/encouragement.


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    Thats a cool find and well done on finding out about the press bit so fast. I had my avant for a few months or so before i found out mine was what they thought was the first registered UK one but the register has since flagged it may have been the 3rd registered for the UK. (I always wanted it to be the first. I own K965EVV, an Emerald Green avant that is exactly the same as yours with the 3B alloys, no roof rails etc. I have to say, I prefer them without the roof rails but im still to find a roof rack to fit the car which has been a real problem as I was a competitive canoeist and go surfing alot so ive always had to either borrow a car with a roof rack or eventually gave in and purchased a van to use for roof duties lol.

    Ive got the Fast Lane Magazine article of my car somewhere also. Good luck with the fixing of yours. Its well worth it as they give massive smiles and no one expects an old early 90's audi to be able to out do many modern cars if you drive it properly lol. Lets just say a few years ago Mr M3 was not a very happy guy when an old estate with a dog in the boot out did him


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      Uh oh - bad news on the roof bars - I was hoping I could get a fitting kit to use bars without the rails

      Currently I'm not sure the car is giving full boost, it's quick but I don't think it's quick enough and the power delivery seems too smooth with no surge as the turbo spools.

      The other main issue I have is the gear change feel - it's pretty awful. 1st/R/3rd is a complete lottery and the changes require quite a lot of force. I suspect the linkage needs some attention - does anyone have ay suggestions?


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        Nice buy, reasonably priced if I remember ?

        Hopefully your calliper re-build will sort the brakes


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          I'm happy with the price, it's going to need a fair whack spending though. But don't they all?