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  • Audi RS2 -94 Swe

    Hello! Like i don't have work as it is with keeping my Urs4 and S6 C5 on the road and in good shape i got an offer i couldn't refuse a couple f weeks ago...
    I have an old friend from the school who bought a RS2 in 2011, he was driving it for two years as a summer car. But in 2013 he got some blue smoke in the exhaust and decided to put the car off the road for some maintenance. His intentions was to rebuild the head and turbo at first. But then decided to overhaul the whole engine. He dissasembled the engine and started to collect parts for it. I called him once a year and asked if he could sell the car to me instead but the answer was always the same "no". Until a couple of weeks ago when he contacted me late in the evening and asked if i still was interested to buy the car. OF COURSE i was interested to buy one of my dream cars. I remember growing up and a guy in the same village had a RS2, every since that time it has always been a hidden dream far back in the head to one day have my own. So this week i went to pick my new money eater up for some treatment and care. After 1400km it was finally "home".

    Pickup time, the roof was leaking in water and covered the hood/roof in rust colored ****..


    Mold was starting to grow on the leather seats:


    Car loaded for the 700km drive home:

    When i arrived home after 16 hours of driving it was time to clean and wash the whole car before i was putting it to storage waiting for the engine to be built.

    Car washed and given a quick polish to get rid of all rust water stains:


    Interior cleaned and treated:


    Now it's "just" to assemble the engine. The guy who owned it before i bought it has collected most of the engine parts i need for rebuild. I will take the block to my engine builder and let him check the crank/measurements so its all good. The block will be honed, then get new rings/bearings and gaskets. All parts will be painted and refurbished so it will most likely take some time for me to assemble the package. But when it's done my goal is tho have a wery shiny engine bay looking as close to original as possible.
    Thats all for now, next step is to start assembly the engine block. Wish me luck
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    Appears to be where it is supposed to be. Goodbye free time and spare money, hello Rs2! Well done sir


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      Nice car , gonna follow follow this thread, lycka till
      Project Audi s2 coupé 1996



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        Looks nice.


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          low milage car =D your lucky as it does look good


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            Looks great and my favourite colour
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              Congrats, always nice when dreams come true


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                Nice RS2 looks like 2 different cars from when you pick it up till you have cleaned and polished its come up very nice! Keep the posts coming as I'll be watching and following this now. Always good to follow your dreams well done.


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                  Audi S2 -1994 | 480 Hp 650 Nm | FlexFuel | MaxxECU | 3" Stainless | Porsche GT3 Front Brakes


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                    Grymt ! Blir kul att följa
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                        Great buy! It will be worth it once you get it on the road.


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                          Hey, if not a secret from where did you pick it up? As my brother sent me once photo of the same color RS2 standing in the grass for a couple of years.


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                            Originally posted by quattrito View Post
                            Hey, if not a secret from where did you pick it up? As my brother sent me once photo of the same color RS2 standing in the grass for a couple of years.
                            Hi! It's from Stockholm, has been stored inside a garage so it has not been standing on grass =)


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                              Well done your persistence paid off in the end, lovely looking car