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    Do you need the orange hose between the turbo and IC? If so i have a fully functional one i dont think i am going to use ever.
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      Originally posted by fish View Post
      Do you need the orange hose between the turbo and IC? If so i have a fully funktional one i dont think i am going to use ever.
      I think i got all hose in the kit from do88, but thanks for asking =)


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        ... How do you delete posts?
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          So, today was work day in the garage, i woke up a little late but i think i managed to do as much as i wanted to today.

          The block was cleaned with break cleaner from dust and stuff since i clenaned it last time with brushes. Blew it off with compressed air in all channels.

          Cleaned the oil jets for piston cooling and installed them, loctite and 10Nm according to manual.
          Oil jets installed in the block:

          Bearings installed in the block and lubed up with assembly lube:
          Crankshaft cleaned for the last time. Put some lube on the bearing surfaces and on the surfaces for the thrust washers:
          45764-341a86858c8ce8e3e49efd65712198a6.jpg Crank installed with factory bolts, no need to change them according to manual. Torqued to 65Nm with oil between contact surface and bolts. Bearing caps should be intalled with bearing caps number (1-6) facing the exhaust side. Nr 1 closest to pulley side:
          45764-a301e74c27a22a705cdc09e61bbed1a8.jpg Conrods all lubed up and ready for install with new piston rings. Rings installed with 120 degrees gap between the ring openings. New bolts and nuts as manual says they have to be renewed when dismantled.
          Torqued 30Nm+90 degrees according to manual, oil the surface between nut and conrod:
          Conrods installed with "lugs" pointing towards pulley end as manual.


          Pistons installed, valve pockets facing intake side. Hopfully i will not have to see them ever again after i put the head on
          45764-600c2aaf6c15d839c4d895724a43164f.jpg Not to forget, install the check valve! Installed with loctite according to maual and 6Nm:

          The ADU head nr 002094 , it should be just PNP as it is overhauled by the last owner. New valve guides, sealings, grinded seats, valves and resurfaced. The lifters is as far as i know the olde one's. But i will take my "new" lifters from the AAN head that i had for one summer on the Urs4. It would be stupid to run it without changing them. I hate noisy lifters
          That's all for today. On monday i will leave the aluminium parts that i glasblasted to the painter. Can't wait to get them back so i can continue with the assembly.. Then it will start to look like an engine again!
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            Bra jobbat! Skönt när folk räddar klassiker =)
            Audi 80 Competition -94 Daily driver

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              Parts delivered to the painter yesterday. After some thinking and looking at colours I choose to go with a colour from Porsche called GT-Silber effect. On their cars it will be with shiny clearcoat. I don't want "shiny" so I went with a matt clear coat. Hopefully it will look good. Don't want to blast everything again

              Today I sorted out some bolts and brackets thats going on refurbish. Will be yellow/gold galvanized as it was from the factory. The "aluminium" colored bolts is harder to get refurbished around here. So i think those will be stainless instead. Maybe I manage to leave them this week.
              Picture of bolts/brackets:

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                Todays "funny" work... Will leave it for refurbish tomorrow.
                45764-343aad6ed0cedfb18224cb4b9e01f757.jpg Also got my sump baffle from Thuppu today. Thought it would be good later on track days!


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                  Yesterday i got some time in the garage for the RS2. Like i said earlier the head was refurbished by the last owner (newer) mounted. The lifters they didn't change though. As the car has about 240 000km on it it thought it was very stupid not to change them. I did have a spare head from the URS4 that i had brand new lifters in, so i dissasembled the head and took my new lifters to the ADU-head. I can' stand noisy lifters
                  Happy i changed them, there was some old burnt/lose oil particles under the lifters, the company that refurbished the head didn't clean them at all.

                  Head without cams/lifters:
                  45764-249d83047e554775930c909c9de4910d.jpg The old lifters, lots of dirt underneath. And it was loose to, happy i changed them:
                  45764-0094f695f4f7cd19479cf16724f5a399.jpg The new lifters in place, lubed up with lots of oil:
                  Camshafts in place and alligned, caps tightend to 15Nm, waiting to get mounted, will clean the outside of the head a bit more:
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                    Little bit of christmas for me today! The painter called an told me to pick up my alumium engine parts! Said and done
                    Really happy with my choice of colour and clear coat. Porsche's own colour GT-Silber effect with the matte clear coat.
                    Here is some pictures of the stuff, hard to get the colour right, but this is what it looks like.

                    Now i have to clean the oil filter house and theoil pump so there is no glas left from the blasting. Otherwise it's just a time of waiting until i get my bolts back so i can start assemble the parts!


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                      Looks great!
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