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    Today it was time to assemble the generator. New bearings in place, the other things i left untuched, maybe will change the regulator.

    Generator with new bearings:

    Generator assembled with refurbished bolts/pulley, turned out really good i think
    Before the rebuild of the generator:
    Now im waiting for the bolts to arrive so i can start with the fun stuff, assemble the rest of the engine!
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      Nice job. Where did you source the replacement bearings from?


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        Originally posted by Nuvo View Post
        Nice job. Where did you source the replacement bearings from?
        I got them from a Swedish company that rebuilds generators. But i think you can find them on Ebay.


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          I feel like I post many pictures of bolts.. but that's what happens today. Freshly made stuff came today. But i also went to the car and took off some more stuff in the engine bay that need to be blasted and painted. Washed the intercooler in/outside. Was a bit of oil in it. Cleaned it with diesel and then hot water/compressed air. Going to paint it matt black. At the moment it feels like I'm going backwards, just dismantle things. Hopefully soon I can get the feeling it's coming together. But I have a hard time not to fix things that is looking bad
          Picture of the shiny stuff...


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            We love bolts. Pretty enjoyable.


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              Yes, those bolts look great!
              Did you need to blast them clean before having them refinished? or does the refinish company clean them up?
              //-\\ ((_)) //)) //


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                Originally posted by ThatGUY View Post
                Yes, those bolts look great!
                Did you need to blast them clean before having them refinished? or does the refinish company clean them up?
                Yeah, turned out good i think. I did remove the worst rust with a rotating steel brush, then the company have some kind of cleaning bath before the galvanizing.
                They looked like this when i left them at the company that does the galvanizing:


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                  Today i got a few hours in the garage before the girlfriend called me and said it was time to get home... I have the garage about 25 min away unfortunately. But it is what it is.
                  The head, that was refurbished by the last owner, by a company, didn't fix the threads that were brooke on the EM side. I was angry about it when i saw it. But, a good company near by helped me to fix it, they put a bushing in it, M12-M8 and the job was done. Looks good to me, i think it will last forever. Todays work was to assemble the throttle valve. It was an easy and calm job. But to remember were all parts was before was not as easy as i thought, even when i had lots of photos. But at last it was together again

                  Some one tried to fix it a while ago but ended up like this...:

                  After the fix:

                  Throttle before:


                  Assembled again:

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                    Today i had some time in the garage. Started with sorting out all bolts M6, M8, M10 so it's easier to find them when you assemble things. Then it was time for some painting off some brackets that holds the IC and some connector holder on the firewall for ex. I also put some fresh matte black on the intercooler. After painting i started to put a few things on the engine block. It's a good feeling when parts getting back on it's place looking good.

                    Intercooler waiting to dry after i put some coats of Temadur 20 Black on it:

                    Engine block with some parts fitted:

                    Thats all for todays work. Hope you enjoy.


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                      Some time for the engine today. I wanted to put the oil pan back today, and thats what i did. Sorted out the right bolts, cleaned everything, and assembled the thing. I also double checked the bolts for crank/conrods before i covered i up.
                      First gasket in place, double checked bolts/nuts:
                      Oil pickup ready to install with new o-ring, self locking bolts at oilpump end and screws with locking washers on the "legs", also used loctite:
                      Oil pickup, oil shield and second gasket installed. Bolts torqued with 10Nm and with oil resistant loctite:

                      Oilpan cleaned for the installation:
                      Oilpan mounted on the block! Hopfully for always:
                      Did also mount the oil seal at the crank, flywheel side. Mounted some more parts on the intake. Next big step is to mount the head on the block. But i have some external cleaning of it before i will fit it. I also recognized a feew weeks ago that my cam gear is wrong..
                      The RS2 is supposed to have the cam gear 034109105B, ofcourse mine did have the other one because of some one didn't know better. My wheel is 034109105, that is for the other "AAN,ABY etc. So i ordered one from Audi tradition. Should arrive next week.
                      It's going slowly forward but i hope i will turn the key in the early summer time =)

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                        really clean work man! looking good!
                        - 1995 BLACK S2 ABY


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                          As always with your projects Andre’ , Top notch !
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