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  • Da Monstah returned to her spawning grounds at Four Ring Performance. Her proud engine builder, Jeff Gerner, was a bit in awe of all the custom fab work done by Mr Dave Jones. Everywhere you look on this car you see things that aren't supposed to be like that. From the Porsche GT3 RS electric steering to the relocated ABS and Coolant overflow tank. The list just goes on and on.

    We then headed to our favorite diner for our favorite lunch of Chicken Fried Chicken. On the way over Jeff just couldn't get over how the car feels. Words like "so solid feeling", "planted", "This is the best UrS-car in the world". Heady stuff from a guy like Jeff.

    Hap, wit dakine feelin from Leaboost, Maguire


    • Ace


      • Really nice! What is the engine specs? You are welcome to post more detail pics.

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        • 1000hp to the wheels.

          Love all the special fabrication work i bet this must be a very nice handling URS4.
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          • Nice! Would love to see more detailed info on the engine!
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            • Originally posted by Thuppu View Post
              Really nice! What is the engine specs? You are welcome to post more detail pics.
              Hey Thuppu

              The engine was built by master engine builder Jeff Gerner, who is pictured above. It has an 83mm bore with Wiseco Pistons and Pauter rods. It also has a Four Ring Performance 92.8 stroker billet crank from Crower which gives us a 2.5 liter displacement. It also has an 80mm throttle body and a piece de resistance head modified by Gerner with a ton of tricks thrown in such as larger valves and severe porting with enhanced oil delivery etc. It has a firing sequence tubular exhaust manifold and a 3 1/2" turbo back exhaust system. To lay down the power it has a custom Southbend clutch with a modified CRB tranny and limited slip to all 4 wheels with modified axles. Throw in the custom chrome moly front subframe with a-arm suspension with 6 point solid mounted motor mounts and custom front sway bar along with the now infamous 26mm rear sway bar and you've got feel like no other S-car.


              • I went by a local shop that specializes in fabrication and chassis work to talk alignment among other things. They will check all suspension fittings to make sure nothing has come loose in the first 500 miles. Brendan Rudak will be flying in next month to tune both my S4s for this altitude along with some tuning on Jeff Gerner's race car. Exciting times here in Kansas City.

                Hap, wit dakine Monstuh from Leaboost, Maguire


                • Looks great, bet you can't wait to get out on track

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                  • any updates on DaMonstah?
                    Cheers mis amigos,


                    • Originally posted by rs2coupe View Post
                      any updates on DaMonstah?
                      As a matter of fact, my tuner Brendan Rudak came to Kansas City and did some tuning to Da Monstuh recently. We were only able to get to 30 pounds of boost before running out of fuel. That did equate to 737 hp at the wheels or about 900 crank so I'll just have to put up with that until we get another fuel pump solution that can feed this beast,


                      • nice one!!! truly a beast


                        • Any updates ?

                          I'm assuming I'm in the right thread.

                          Any details on the uprated rear anti roll bar ?

                          Would like to uprate the one on the rear of my UrS6 saloon.



                          • wow - thats going to be one rapid UrS-tank.. only 30psi boost WTF - get another / bigger fuel pump plumbed in and see if you can hit the magic 1khp - thats pure mental by the way !

                            Loving the custom built subframe if I had to pick one thing out, but the whole package looks pretty awesome - seeing that in your rear view mirror would want to make you to move over and hope it sounds as good as it looks on the way past.

                            As an aside - that polished & sealed garage floor in post 166 is awesome - I need that in my life !
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                            • Truly awesome Hap, love it! You're well in your way to the 1k hp goal.