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Andyg's Colgate Wagon Project thread

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  • Andyg's Colgate Wagon Project thread

    So I have been on the forum since 2005 and have never done the 'project thread' myself after reading so many other peoples a brief history of my cars..

    1)Vauxhall Chevette 1.3
    2)Vauxhall Astra 1.2
    3)Austin Maestro 1.3
    4)Ford Escort Saloon 1.6 Zetec
    5)Citroen AX GT 1.4
    6)Nissan Primera 1.8
    7)Ford Sierra XR4X4
    9)Audi Coupe Quattro 2.3ng
    10)Audi Coupe Quattro 2.3 7a
    11)Audi S2 3b
    12)Audi S2 aby
    13)Audi S2 Avant (first time i owned the current colgate wagon)
    14)Audi S2 aby (car no.12 re-owned)
    15)Audi S2 Avant
    16)Audi S2 aby (Mrc Car)
    17)Audi S2 Avant Colgate wagon

    As you can see for your self I am hooked on S2's,I am fully aware that times have moved on etc,people making the transition to RS4's and the like but I really have no intentions of following suit

    For me its 5 Cylinder Quattro at its best,and I have to say I don't think they are that expensive to run.30mpg is easily achievable on a run.

    Ask yourself how you feel when you drive your S2,I can honestly say I feel the Pimp Daddy!We are driving these cars that are rare as hens teeth,that people don't look at until you smoke them at the lights! True Sleeper cars

    Anyway,about my car...

    its a 1993 LHD car that was first owned by none other than Mr Ferdinand Peitch
    Since his ownership the car spent time in Germany,then backwards and forwards to the UK (still on foreign plates) and some time in Poland.
    As some may know Tim Cooper of Renntech owned the car and took it to some shows that it won
    Finally back to Blighty where I took it in Part exchange on my aby coupe.I had to MOT it (long,long story) and get it registered on UK plates.

    I owned it for 12 months then hit financial difficulties,so I was contacted by the previous owner who still had my old coupe and wanted to swap back,at this point the avant mot was up and the coup had 12 months ticket so we swapped back...(big mistake).

    It has a unique custom paint job which is actually a pearlescent green,its a VW derived Indionappolis Green with a blue/red tint in it.In pictures it rarely shows up,but in the flesh with the sun on it it goes a purpley sort of colour.Its a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate it as they say

    Since I got it back I had a number of things I had to do to get it in tip top condition as it had sat in a yard under Heathrow Airport for some 3 years

    It would smoke badly when you were at a standstill,I used to switch it off at traffic lights,the clutch kept slipping under full load and also a really annoying scraping noise from underneath.

    The smoke turned out to be the turbo knackered,it still pulled hard but I don't think the 3" straight through exhaust system helped it

    The clutch is being done this week (will explain later in this thread)

    The noise from underneath was the propshaft fouling the heatshield.As simple as this sounds it took a while to diagnose where the noise was coming from.

    Aswell as these faults I couldn't handle the cream interior any longer,it just gets so grubby etc so I have since fitted new black carpet which I was lucky to get from a forum member in ireland.I have 4 RHD carpets but couldn't use these in my LHD car
    Then theres the seats,currently I am running those bespoke Recaro's I couldn't sell and now I feel it was fate as now I have re-fitted them and adjusted the positions of them I LOVE them and did I mention I have climate control,factory roller guard for the rear load area and passenger footwell lights ??

    Wheels are BBS LM Replica's that I paid £349 delivered I HAD to get some of these as having seen the car in pictures with LM'S from years ago for me personally they were the ultimate wheel.

    The rear light I get asked about on a regular basis,I always describe them as being like Treser lights for an avant lol.They are in fact made by Siema in italy and ARE NOT stock lights tinted with rattle cans

    Apart from touching up the paint in a couple of areas and getting some bottom door rubbers I am happy with the look apart from the black tinted windows

    So whats next on my to do list.....?

    This week I will be fitting an RS2 Setup with a touch of spicing up from s2centrals V-Stream Technology..
    Engine will be out tomorrow to replace the clutch,main rear crank seal,brake bomb,steering rack gaitor,engine mounts,snub mount and a few other bits and pieces.

    so yesterday first off was to replace the cambelt,waterpump,tensioner and finally that annoying bottom pulley that wobbles on idle
    I thought I would do this first whilst the engine was still in the car as it would be easier than if it was on the floor.Big thanks to Shaun5 on here for kindly lending me his crank locking tools and bars etc

    Having read countless posts on here about re-bores etc etc I have no desire whatsoever to go down this road only for it to blow up later on! Give me a reliable RS setup any day,its reliable and just sipps the fuel on a run.

    Once this is done I will be one of the minority on here who actally is content with their S2 !! As mentioned earlier to me its how it makes you feel when driving...I Love it....just Love it.5 cylinder,4 wheel drive,half economical to me its a no brainer.

    I'l let you lot be the judge of that

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    Nice to see a project thread Andy

    Having seen this car in the flesh at ADI, the pictures just don't do the paint colour justice, it's quite a sight in the flesh
    Cheers'en, AndyC
    1994 ABY Coupe - Projekt Alpinweiss


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      I believe I have just seen a picture of this very car on foreign plates on a Facebook page called Audi 5 Zylinder 20v turbo!


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        Lovely looking wagon, always enjoy seeing this around and I agree, these 5 cylinders have something really special about them, even cruising around in them is just a good time!
        1996 S2 ABY Silver


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          The window tinting film should just pull off if you don't like it.


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            I'll be following this


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              I like the colgate green look forward to seeing more updates for this car. Is the colour factory sprayed or repainted by previous owner? Any chance you'll switch to a standard s2 bumper?

              typ89 center section

              Cheers mis amigos,


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                Originally posted by rs2coupe View Post
                I like the colgate green look forward to seeing more updates for this car. Is the colour factory sprayed or repainted by previous owner? Any chance you'll switch to a standard s2 bumper?
                or have the bumper fogs/indicators modded to rs2 one's?


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                  Good to see someone else pulling their car apart. hope it turns out how you want it too


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                    Bout time I saw a thread bud! Nice work and I agree with you about being content with a reliable engine. Im all for more power but not if its goign to drastically reduce engine life span. As I say when I come down im sure it will be done and would be good to go for a quick run in it to see what its like. I also reckon your "new" interior probably look loads better than the cream. Good effort and good luck mate


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                      finally removed the engine today

                      found a worn out 3b clutch and a nice light 7a flywheel

                      Rear main seal,on appearance it looked ok,it has a light dribble of oil behind it,got one for £7 from GSF (Victor Reinz)but talk about being caked in oil....

                      Should there be a hole in this pic,there one on both sides

                      Taddah!! New seal...

                      Pure Skank.....
                      The gearbox is caked in oil too on the inside,no freakin wonder the clutch was slipping!
                      I think its also the leaky sump gasket too,got a new one as I wanted to pull the sump off anyway to check the oil pickup etc
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                        You need 2 sump gaskets fella one each side of the metal bit


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                          Originally posted by Rikki Kitto View Post
                          You need 2 sump gaskets fella one each side of the metal bit
                          WTF??? Really? What,like a sandwich?


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                            Originally posted by andyg plym View Post
                            WTF??? Really? What,like a sandwich?
                            yup thats the one


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                              i thought for a moment we were talking about the sump,but i presume its the main seal?

                              i inspected it and it was near perfect