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  • 1983 UrQuattro

    Starting a thread for my '83 UrQuattro the build is maybe 30% done at this point and had a thread going but wanted to start one here too...

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    1983 URQuattro - Body

    Was lucky to find the car from a big Audi nut who had sourced many of the parts for a 20v conversion. I got the car in non-running condition but 10v WX engine still in it. 20V along with it that needs a rebuild.

    Long story short I was not able to get the car running and decided that in it's current state it is already so far apart that it makes sense to start the swap now since my ultimate goal for the car is 20vt conversion.

    Some pics of the general condition of the car. I don't think it's been washed in 7 years, should clean up real nice when i get around to it. This is exactly as it was delivered.


    Pulled off a Fender to see what the preventative POR-15 rust repair looked like:

    Couple quick shots of the interior:
    Front of carpet is out, lower dash and glovebox is out to access wiring. Cluster, etc. out

    Current state of the engine bay:


    One problem area to note:


    3B and harness:

    The 3B engine sustained some contact to the front, enough to break the cam sprocket. So I will need to source one of those, strip the engine, pull the head off and see if there was contact. Other than that it's a low mileage engine and will make a great heart for the car.
    At a minimum I will do ARP head studs and upgraded rods and resurface block and head to seal the MLS head gasket. Other than that I dont have any plans to go crazy.


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      1983 URQ Engine

      Engine out.

      Getting new engine to the shop.


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        1983 URQ - Prepping Engine Bay


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          1983 URQ - Sprayed engine bay

          This is what happens when you think "I'll find a can or aerosol paint to touch up the engine bay a bit."
          The result is a complete respray of the engine bay in factory color.


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            1983 URQ - Paint Cleanup

            Spent some time fiddling around with paint correction. Pulled the plastic cover off my car and I couldn't stand how bad it looks with what looks like tan paint overspray all over it.
            these pics should give an idea of just how bad it is.

            Lacquer thinner to clean up the windows

            The top :

            Passenger side:

            This is after one pass with Meguiar's Diamond Cut 2.0:

            After one pass with the eraser pad.


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              1983 URQ - Engine

              Starting point:

              Calico Coated main bearings:

              Crank In:

              Well Alex has reminded me that I need to get my **** together and work on my car.
              Not sure exactly where I left off but I started to re-flange my manifold to V-Band this morning to facilitate running the EFR turbo which is V-Band in/out.

              Test fitting manifold and turbo


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                1983 URQ - Suspension

                Old struts:

                Cleaned off the trans a bit lost some fluid but I am going to dump and refill anyways.

                Very little progress but got the strut tubes prepped for the rear, sandblasted the upper portion and new perch rings tacked in place.



                Subframe after sandblasting and prime/paint

                Extracting a broken bolt for the rear ball joint

                Completed strut

                In the car

                Spherical Comp Brake mounts from Marc. These are awesome

                Starting to re-install things in the engine bay

                Fronts together

                Nice to see the car back on the ground.


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                  Working on a design I've had in mind for a forward facing intake manifold. Basically just a alum pipe and then I cut a sphere in half to make the ends. Working on fitment. I am going to "Fillet" the pipe down the middle and expand the dia. just slightly so I can get the fit-up perfect. If it all works out it will end up working like a manifold I have seen that I think was an old Hank design.


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                      Turbo Fitment issues.
                      The turbo housing is actually fine but the wastegate is causing issues.
                      So the issue is If I rotate the turbo so that the wastegate has clearance, the exhaust side is too close to the strut tower.
                      I will have to figure out what options I have. I can't make the manifold any shorter I don't think. could get a new V-band ($$) and tilt the whole set-up a little without too much hassle but it wouldn't buy me much for space.
                      I did hear a suggestion of getting a different or longer wastegate actuator to move it farther forward , worth considering.


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                        nice project!
                        audi coupe quattro b2 2.2 20vt project (573hp-626nm)
                        TWINCHARGED power,zero lag
                        AEM W/M injection


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                          1983 URQ - manifolds

                          So everything is up to speed now.

                          Today's update... Got my hands on a sweet piece.
                          So that avoids me from spending days trying to reinvent the wheel and engineer my own intake manifold.

                          On the exhaust manifold I'm not sure what to do yet. I will most likely end up looking for a nice stainless piece that has no fitment issues.


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                            Some great work going on there, well done.



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                              Can we have some more details on the inlet manifold. Looks a nice piece of kit!