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A6 Nogaro Blue TDI restomod

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  • A6 Nogaro Blue TDI restomod

    Hi everyone, I'm big fan of the mighty AEL and I had FWD 6 speed UrS6 replica for couple of years. But after it got in 2 accidents in less than a month decided that it had to go and started to look for a replacement.
    Then I've found this:


    Nogaro Blue, 6 speed, Quattro loaded with extras. It is easier to list the things it does not have. It is missing Servotronic, Leather electric seats, auto tilting right mirror and I guess that is it.

    The car was originally sold in Germany and as all cars from that region it was not rust free. Probably the first job I had to do was to replace the rusty fuel lines

    and leaky gas tank. Got a replacement from an Italian import and gave it couple of coats of primer just to be safe

    The car had no service history so the mandatory full service of the engine followed


    Than prop shaft bearing, rear diff seals and oil got replaced. Have no pictures from the process

    I'm also big fan of the Speedline Avus wheels so:
    16" 7,5J ET37 from UrS6 for the winter set

    18" 8J ET48 from S8 D2 for the summer set

    Both sets were refurbished and as it is a Quattro they both got a matching spare.

    Had to put 15mm spacers in front for the 18s

    There was a dyno day organised at a local shop so I've decided to make a health check:

    After it put out 141hp and 330N/m corrected at the crank I was happy that am driving very good stock car but as you can probably tell from the video title I was wrong.

    Soon after I blew the hose from the turbo to the IC and as we are going to disassemble decided to do some stuff it was postponing for no valid reason Intake got cleaned


    And all the exhaust manifold gaskets got replaced and I got the chance to use the dyno again to see I that had made any difference (sorry the videos are in Bulgarian, I have to write subs)

    It gained another 15N/m and was picking up power 200rpm sooner

    Than a friend of mine gave me chips with very aggressive mapping as a gift and as I was removing the ECU to install them... Surprise!


    Now those are mixed feelings. The car was remapped in 1996 in MTM probably by Roland Mayer himself. The tune was for 160hp and 315N/m with Cats on and EGR working. My car had the Cats removed before I've bought it and the EGR you saw already. Torque is plenty but we have issue at the top end. Soon I'll try to solve it.
    At least now I have a theme for the build, it will be an MTM tribute

    In the mean time UrS6 arrived at a local braker, I immediately scavenged the front struts and the HP2 brakes. Another car imported from Germany, rust was plenty

    After sandbasting everything was ready for paint.

    3cc91d46f23a703d.jpg 9d95898c66ab2bc3.jpg

    And some fooling around with the calipers

    ‚Äč 59cb1805f45a230e.jpg 6d741833f334bbe9.jpg
    784baa5d2c130255.jpg 12862735c9951a76.jpg


    Lets see how long this finish will last

    It is getting late, will continue tomorrow
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    Hi. Nice car you have there. I saw you in Arad last year. I am the guy with the grey URS6 (AEL swapwed ). Love the color and the 18' Avus.


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      Lovely car mate! Health to enjoy.
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        Very nice car , look forward to more updates
        Cab 2.3E


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          Nice car

          What was the top end issue with the MTM chips?
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            Thanks to you all for the nice words.

            One of the things I do not like about those cars are the ugly exhaust tips, so I've bought a whole rear box from C5 face lift and moved the tips to the C4 rear box.

            Also before I sold the old one I switched some parts. The black roof rails and the 3 spoke wheel went to the black one, the chrome rails and 4 spoke leather wheel went to the blue one.
            One of the last pictures of my beauties together.

            I had to put the 3 spoke wheel on the black one to complete the UrS6 look. I felt guilty for doing that because the 3 spoke was the original one that came with blue one and some time later I've bought another 3 spoke wheel. Because it won't be restomod if I leave it plain leather it went on a trip to the upholsterer.
            Quick picture after I got it back.

            Installing a good ribbon cable

            And finally installed
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              Originally posted by AndyP View Post
              What was the top end issue with the MTM chips?
              I suspect that the turbo does not hold boost, week westgate spring probably. My mechanic looked up the live data and over 3K rpm the boost is the same as the stock one. However I plan to get rid of the stock K14 6707 and replace it with K16 6711 from Audi 100 2.5, it should be a direct swap. I already bought the K16 but still wonder what to do with it, just rebuild it or upgrade it with a billet compressor wheel.

              first to finish the brakes upgrade, I waited for those pipes to arrive from Germany for couple of weeks
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                Love it, Nearly as much as mine
                Urs6 avant nogaro
                s2 avant


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                  Awesome car, loving the upgrades. Hope to see more mods and pics in the future!
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                    Great thread , thanks for sharing
                    Look forward to the updates
                    S2 Cabriolet.........


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                      This car has got a good owner.
                      Nice thread, beautiful car and keep us posted what are you planning next.
                      Does cleaning the intake manifold give better throttle response or a few hp? I have been planning to do it also.


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                        It gained 15N/m and was picking up torque sooner. I just saw that the embedded videos do not work.

                        My best run before EGR blanking and with dirty intake 140hp 330N/m

                        My best run after EGR deposits cleaning and blanking the EGR 138hp and 344.7N/m

                        Here are the links to the videos in case someone is interested

                        Notice that the second run top end is getting even worse. I'll try to fix that soon.


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                          I'll be very interested to see how you get on with the K16 turbo swap and how much difference it makes to power.


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                            Finally got all the pieces of the puzzle together.

                            Too bad that the garage is overbooked and cannot install them now

                            And while we are on the subject of brakes, new hand brake cables

                            The old ones were falling apart


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                              photobucket SUCKS