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A6 Nogaro Blue TDI restomod

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    K16 IS a direct swap. I fitted one in my AEL but it became very laggy. Nothing happens before 2000 rpm. After that, a beast. Things improved with bigger downpipe and dekat.
    I can't make custom remap here in Italy, so I'll fit the K14 back. K14 with prj chipset is good enough.


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      The k16 is found on all AAT's? If not on what engines is it mounted on? Just curious. Thanks


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        It can be found on AAT engine but only on Audi 100 C4, The A6 has the K14.


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          Funny thing is that i have an AAT turbo from an 100 C4 but i never bothered to check. I thought they were all the same.


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            Hehe. Now i am curious about the difference.
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              Just comparing numbers the difference between 288 and 314 does not seem much but in reality The discs are from the donor car and are on 29mm so there is still life in them.

              Finally on the car, too bad we twisted one of the brake lines and we could not get a replacement because s#it happens on Saturday evening and all shops are closed

              TRW, when there is not enough money for ATE but you still want the car to stop

              Then a friend of mine sent me this photo of his HP2 brakes on and early A8 D2. It seems that mine are missing some parts. Lets hope the adhesive on the back of the pads holds and I wont be getting any rattling sounds.


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                There are 2 versions of the hp2 callipers, those of a6/urs4/6 era, and later ones used on some b5s and later. The callipers are slightly different and hold that pads differently. Yours look complete, it's just the screw/pin that locates the pads, no clips.

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                  Kieron20V, thanks for the info, I thought that those are clips that prevent brake pad rattle.

                  My plans to reuse the discs from the donor car went down the drain. After I cleaned the rust one of them was fine, but on the other one the corrosion caused deep pitting on the contact surface and they do not have enough meat for machining. So a quick trip to the parts shop followed.

                  That's more like it

                  After I was done with the suspension had to check the alignment, it was all over the place

                  Here is the stance with S6 struts ET37 rims and A6 wings

                  I have an offer for S6 front (bumper and wings) from a local beaker, but still wonder what to be the next step, Turbo swap or S6 front.


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                    S6 look

                    Think they aren't to much. And turbos are on everystreet
                    photobucket SUCKS


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                      Found some rear calipers from S6 on the bottom of the sea

                      After sand blasting

                      And finally painted

                      Now I have to get the hubs and splash guards.


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                        It is about time to address the issue with the headlights. I had 1 and a half set of headlights left over from my old car.

                        The plan was to get all the parts needed to make one good set. The reflectors will be sent for refinishing.
                        The right one was in very decent shape. the fog light was perfect, just cleaned the dust, only low and high beam reflectors will be refinished.

                        But the left one...

                        Even the fog light which has metal reflector with very thick coating had damage
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                          Excuse the expression of my own biased opinions, loving your thread / car.

                          I would have done the calipers black.

                          Good rescue job on the rear calipers.

                          Have all of the headlight shells re-silvered. It'll make the car look even fresher.

                          I would suggest that you try H1 LED headlights in the dipped beam and the main beam lamps. They are plug and play.

                          This link is a good supplier.


                          The only issue is the alteration one needs to make to the dust cover on the rear of each of the two respective headlights due to the dipped beam lamps.

                          But the light resultant output is very much well worth the effort and the financial outlay is pretty low.

                          Looking forward to more updates and photos.

                          Best wishes.


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                            Thanks, macspring. I'm looking at the LED lights for some time but the bulky cooling solutions are what puts me off for now. I have HIDs 4300K on the low beam and 3000K on the fog lights, and will stick with them for now. In the meantime I did put some new seals and guide pins on the rear calipers.

                            Now they will wait till I get the rest of the parts needed for the conversion.


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                              Summer mode on:

                              I was just about to buy the rest of the parts for the rear brakes upgrade and found this on ebay

                              Now I pray that it arrives in 1 piece

                              Also got the reflectors back but still do not have time to assemble the headlights

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                                Wow, great work. Loving this transformation!