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A6 Nogaro Blue TDI restomod

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    Bravo Radi! Where did you refresh the headlights? I think that one gt2262 from BMW 530d with conversion to work with boost will do his job on your engine!And one more intercooler from s6 c4 on the left side!I wish you good luck with your project!


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      Make sure the breaker keeps the UrS6 two front wings and the front bumper for you for when funds allow. Not easy to find.

      Worth doing imho.

      The red rear light panel looks great on a C4, ala Porsche 964.

      You're going good !

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        Originally posted by macspring View Post

        This link is a good supplier.

        The only issue is the alteration one needs to make to the dust cover on the rear of each of the two respective headlights due to the dipped beam lamps.

        But the light resultant output is very much well worth the effort and the financial outlay is pretty low.

        Just ordered a set of these for my cab , looking forward to see how they perform against the HID's
        S2 Cabriolet.........


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          Is the roof sky for the glass sunroof the same as for the metal sunroof?

          Thank you.


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            It is metal.


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              Sorry, I had to confuse with another identical car on which the metallic sunroof was changed.

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                Originally posted by ADP View Post
                Bravo Radi! Where did you refresh the headlights?
                Thanks, the reflectors were rechromed here:


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                  The work on the car is at a very slow pace because I'm preparing in paralel a daily so the A6 will be 100% project car. I've bought an MK4 1.9TDI ALH loaded with options. As it will not be my car if it remains stock I've upgraded the brakes, rims and tyres, headlights, bigger ingectors, remap, installed a 6 speed gearbox and now I have what I concider a perfect daily, the Jazz Blue is even close match to the Nogaro

                  Now that the Golf is almost ready I can continue with the Audi. Got to finish the rear brakes.

                  I've bought S6 rear hubs

                  Another visit to the sandblaster

                  Some new bearings

                  The spindles were zinc plated.

                  And the hubs are getting a durable PU coating

                  The got some new disc shields from Audi's TRShop.

                  I had some issues finding bushes for the rear hubs. Lemforder 26608 and Boge 87068A are no longer in production. The only other options were OEM which cost an arm and a leg some generic brand ones which were suspiciously cheap. Then I found those in Latvia which seem promising

                  Having trouble to find new rear ABS sensors, if someone can help with a link I will be very grateful.

                  I hope the next post will show the rear brakes and suspencion done. The rear shocks are the original blue BOGE that came with the car from the factory (400K km and 21 years and they still work but probably will replace them for Sachs Advantage).
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                    I've noticed that I have play in the steereng and diagnosed ot to bad tie rod bush and went to the shop to buy a new tie rod, where I got the usual "Sorry, we do not suppy these anymore". So I started to look for alternative way to fix the issue. I found that Powerflex produce those bushes so I ordered a set of those

                    Got a couple of rods from a local breaker and got them sand blasted

                    And powder coated

                    And finally assembled

                    Now comes the fun part of getting them on the car


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                      The new tie rods are installed and I had to do another wheel alignment

                      Finaly got some new rear ABS sensors and I'm going to fully assemble the rear hub so they will be ready for instal

                      I'm verry happy with the steering now, it is very direct and sharp.


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                        Just rebuilt the rear brakes on my S6 using those backplates. Good job on the rear hubs and carriers and liking them hub bushes. Have you a link for them?
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                        96 URS6 plus speck estate
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                          Thanks, here is the link for the rear bushes:
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                            Originally posted by radi_nrj View Post
                            Thanks, here is the link for the rear bushes:
                            Thanks for that appreciated.
                            96 URS6 plus speck saloon
                            96 URS6 plus speck estate
                            94 2.6 80 Avant
                            99 2.8 final edition Cabriolet


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                              I have found where the missing 20 something horses were. The old turbo producess on a good day 0.3bar, so it basically puts out 140hp on 0.3bar

                              The K16 was sent for full rebuild and it already done. Can't wait to install it

                              I had to replace the engine mounts as mine were shot and found another sad fact for all AEL owners, all versions of the electro-hydraulic engine mounts, even the latest one 4A0199382F were discontinued. Now we have to use the basic hydraulic mounts for the petrol I5.
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                                There was electro-hydraulic mounts? Did not know that, that is cool as hell.