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A6 Nogaro Blue TDI restomod

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    Brilliant attention to detail in all of your work. Who is (or was) the manufacturer of the CAN bus simulator module?


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      This is the eBay listing


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        Really great work


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          Superb work, shame the seller has increased the price that way.
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            The car sits for so long It even flatspotted the tires but recently I fixed another issue which was long overdue. The original spings were so corroded the front left even broke. So I decided to replace springs and shocks on all 4 corners. It happened to be a nightmare to get the proper part number for shocks as the manufactures catalogues are incomplete. The car has sport suspension from the factory so I wanted to get the correct shocks for it. So I gave the VIN to the retailes and only one Monroe model appears to be compatible - but that is not the case in reality. What I did was to go to ETKA, get the OE number for the correct shock absorber and search by OE number. And voila - multiple options appeared. I asked a friend who is very experienced in this platform which are closest to stock and he advised me to go with KYB Excel-G. Fronts are made in Japan and have the fat rod like the OEM Sachs, The the rears were a bit of a disappointment, the rubber bush where the bottom bolt goes trough has like 30% less material than the OEM ones.
            For the springs it was an easy desision, I got an Eibach pro-kit, ordered the wrong one due to the well known (not by me) issue with Eibach catalogue but by sheer luck they hapened to fit my needs perfectly
            187132210_10208597183442795_3121184329764623289_n.jpg 187147158_10208597183202789_6975647759061651846_n.jpg


            And the final result, on the rear the rubber spacer that sits on the top of the spring was the thicker version and that is why the back sits a bit higher. I was thinking to get the proper spacers, but on the other hand I think with 3 people on the back seat and luggage it will sit just right
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