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Removing WGFV for good? Mechanical vs N75 boosting

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    I like my eboost2. no way would i go back but then I cant program motronic. I use it with an early vems which has poor boost control

    you gotta use the tools correctly whatever they may be.

    problem wioth boost controllers is the user not the controller. still needs a limit setting in the map for failsafe whatever system is used


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      Dredging up an old sticky, has this debate moved on since?

      Having read this thread and separately returned our Ur to stock ECU it would seem the tuners applied a similar theory of disabling overboost fuel cut-off and either (Ur) mechanically upping the boost or S2/4 remapping and/or mechanically upping the boost.

      I’ve got three Motronic ECUs here, Nothelle, MTM and a Homefry, so the assumption is at least some of the protection afforded by the N75 cycle could have been disabled on some of them. The diagnostic facility has certainly been turned off on the MTM, but has anyone got to the bottom of how neanderthal these ‘period’ Motronic tunes were?
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