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Old member returning after a prolonged absence due to health issues.

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  • Old member returning after a prolonged absence due to health issues.

    Right, not quite sure where to start but I guess the best thing to do is to apologise profusely to the members I pissed off at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. I'm really truly sorry to those people I either sent bewildering/down right mental messages too as well as those who had to wait ages for parts or in many cases refunds issued by my family who had to step in and sort things out when I went totally bonkers. I never intended to defraud anybody, I simply took on too much while in a precarious mental state and had a total breakdown. I didn't go online for months, at point's I wasn't sure if I was real or where my house was so getting items sent and engaging with buyers really were the least of my concerns.

    Mental health seems to be something of a taboo topic, though it seems things are improving a little these day's, though getting help is still a painfully slow process, quite literally in my case, as you'll discover if you read on...

    I suffer from Bi-polar disorder/manic depression as well as perhaps some other condition's. I'm still waiting to be properly accessed by a physiatrist, though my current GP is a vast improvement upon my previous doctors and in conjunction with the crisis team has at least prescribed me a selection of psychoactive substances which seem to be keeping me stable. For my entire adult life I've either been put on totally the wrong medications by the NHS or resorted to self medicating with all manner of substance's, which in turn has almost certainly made things worse. I'm not going to go into precise details as this is a highly personal matter but it's amazing I'm alive all things considered. There's some brutal honesty for you, but I feel I owe those members who are really my friends a proper explanation.

    I'm still currently recovering from the physical damaged caused by my last psychotic episode in September which saw me hospitalised for a week with quite an array of injury's most of which I have zero recollection of causing to myself. Again I'm not going to go into precise detail but it all started when I broke three bones in my right hand by punching a wall (I have a savage temper), I was taken to hospital which apparently I basically escaped from and by the next morning I'd also smashed my right forearm/wrist to pieces, including a compound fracture of the Radius. I'd fractured my left elbow and cracked four ribs, as well as sporting an interesting selection of cut's and bruises, mainly to my face and upper body but I also had a large abrasion/bruise on my left Shin. I had to wait a week for surgery with a temporary cast/dressing on my right arm as at the end of the day my injury's weren't life threating and my operation was delayed twice by serious RTA's and in one case a fight between eastern European gangs. So I spent a week pumped full of Morphine which I have to confess wasn't entirely unpleasant, then spend between three and four hours in surgery having my right arm/wrist fixed with a selection of metal work. I wasn't fully knocked out completely due to the cracked ribs restricting my breathing which concerned the anaesthetist who proposed doing the procedure under local anaesthetic instead.

    So, while I'm much better I'm still currently convalescing, even though the cast and stiches have been removed for sometime I'm still far from in good physical shape. I have to spend a couple of hours every morning carefully excising my right hand/forearm (not in that way) to regain the full range of movement and my left elbow is taking forever to heal as I rebroke it by trying to do too much too soon, note, doing carpentry with two broken arms is retarded. However I can now tackle light tasks and it's basically a case of building up my strength again and letting my body fully heal, if I do something that starts to hurt I have to stop, simple.

    Now with all that out of the way I'd like to start being active on the forum again, as I've remained in touch with a couple of member's who say my knowledge would be appreciated by newer members with problems with their cars.

    I've got a lot more to update everybody about but this post is already too long and seems to keep glitching, so I'm going upload this now and provide more details in future posts.

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    Good to here you are on the mend, i actually thought to myself the other day that you hadn’t posted anything for a long time....
    well we’re still here playing with old sheds


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      Hi bud glad to hear you are on the mend my wife suffered greatly from depression caused by a high stress job In the NHS she found after trying numerous medications that CBD oils really help so much so she is now back at work full time after been off for over 1 year. We now provide these oils at discount to friends and family if you're interested check out our website bud

      Hope you keep on keeping up it's real struggle for many


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        Nice to see you back mate. Take it easy and get yourself better in slow steps. You have been a great help to me restoring my Avant and I'm sure you have helped many more like me.
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          Glad to hear things on the mend, we've all been there to an extent, and it is no laughing matter, for certain.

          Take it easy in life and online and you'll get there -there is no hurry after all.


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            Good to hear from you buddy.... the seriousness of mental illness is something very hard to understand, for those who have not experienced it themselves (or from people close to them...)
            Keep strong...
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              Welcome back! I think it's pretty brave to put that whole situation out in words for all of us to read. Facing the facts really is a major step into recovery. Wishing you all the best and hoping you get to enjoy the banter on here again :-)


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                You're on the mend by the sounds of it Kit, stay safe .


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                  Glad to hear your on the mend mate.


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                    Welcome back Kit, easy does it, be kind to yourself and get well

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                      Glad to see you back around , all the best mate


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                        Good to have you back , may your recovery continue apace


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                          Thanks for all the positive responses chaps, it really means a lot to me . As you all know I basically used to live on here but I felt highly ashamed and embarrassed by letting down so many members with parts, as well as some of the totally crazy ramblings I sent folk, that on top of my mental struggles it's taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to make a fresh start. I may as well be honest as we're all adults here but I really have been my own worst enemy at times...

                          Before I smashed myself to bit's a couple of months back my Father and I had been in the process of finishing off my new workshop, which is now very, very nearly complete, though obviously I've not been able to help at all since the start of September. To be honest I hadn't really been much use all year due my mental issues so in a way it's been easier on my poor old Dad to not have to deal with me loosing it over sod all just about everyday. Though he is in his 70's and not in the best of health himself so progress is steady to say the least. The sparky is coming this week to finish the wiring and fit various sockets and lights and once he's done it's just a matter of finishing constructing the shelving down one side and deciding on what lift I'm going to install. I'm not going to post any pic's until it's finished but Dave's seen the building and has a good idea of how lucky I am.

                          I also have to accept I'm now in my mid 40's so I don't heal like I did when I was 20 or even 30 years old, it's going to be a long time before my right wrist and hand is fully functional and I have to be mega careful of my left elbow which has finally stopped making crunching noises whenever I move it. Even if I wasn't physically damaged the med's I'm on preclude me from driving for the time being, the pharmacist raised his eyebrows when he saw what they've put me on. Though I have to say even if what I'm taking should in theory drop an elephant I'm feeling better mentally than I have in probably 20 years, I sleep six to eight hours a night, get up early, exercise, I walk at least two miles a day on top of loads of self physiotherapy on my arms/hands. I read some pretty heavy going historical literature, play chess online (which I'm getting pretty good at) and even do a lot house work which I was terrible at before, I have the hoover out pretty much everyday now.
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                          1992 C4 100 2.8 Avant quattro, daily driver.
                          1995 RS2, MTM K26/7, 380 BHP conversion.
                          1996 C4 2.8 30V quattro, future project car...


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                            Sorry to hear of your troubles matey it sound like you've been through the mill a few times. Glad to see your making steady progress both mentally and physically , it will be a slow process and hopefully all in the right direction .
                            Good to see you back on here too
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                              I Guess should also update everybody on what car's I've still got and what I'm planning on doing with them, I banned myself from driving in 2019 before I hurt or God forbid killed someone so it's been along time since any of my cars have seen the road. I have legally driven a few times when working for a mate in 2020, as well my fathers cars/van when there hasn't been an excess of anything illegal in my blood, to be honest Alcohol and it's residual effects the next day have been the biggest issue in this regard. I'm now absolutely Teetotal, I've also completely given up smoking so once I've stabilised on my medication I will be able to return to the road, all be it with care! I don't have enough use of my hands/arms to drive safely at the moment anyway.

                              My RS2 is currently on 102K miles and looking a little sorry for itself, though really it just needs a good clean and the front bumper repairing after my neighbours revered into it, which is something of a touchy subject. The car is going to be carefully restored to a very high standard, I have 90% of the parts required stashed away and can get the paintwork done by the garage I work at on an off for a very reasonable rate if I do all the prep myself. I'm going to retain the MTM K26/7 380BHP conversion as it was sanctioned by Audi from new and even shows up on the service history, though somewhat frustratingly I don't have the paperwork from Brian Rickets who carried out the work, I do know it must have cost the original owner a fortune. It goes so much better than a stock example, even one with a decent remap isn't nearly as quick. The stock RS2 mapping does leave something to be desired, there really is no need for all the lag and an ADU engine fitted with a K24 7200 will happily cope with 370/80 BHP with good mapping and servicing and decent fuel. The K26/7 hybrid fitted to mine is huge in comparison to a stock unit yet even with that bolted on the power delivery is smoother than a standard car and it has way more torque and midrange as well as top end.

                              My 1992 C4 100 2.8 Avant quattro is going to be given a full mechanical overhaul (I've already done the clutch) and used as my daily driver, it's currently stuck over the pit in my workshop covered in dust as I was in the process of rebuilding the front suspension prior to damaging myself. Why is the front suspension so horrid to overhaul on these cars? It's a complete nightmare compared to a B3/4 platform car! Got a late spec full leather interior partially fitted, complete with all the walnut trim bits which I'm now old enough to officially like. Also got a cruise control set up for it.

                              My 1997 C4 30V quattro Saloon suffered a minor front end bump in 2017 and has been off the road since, I have all the parts required to fix it as I purchased a cheap 2.6 FWD example the same colour to use as a donner car. Not 100% sure what I'm going to do with this, the 30V motor is okay, but I have pretty much everything required to build up a monster I5 20VT engine apart from wiring and engine management and I kinda feel this would be a good home for it. Effectively making my own S6, even the the battery is under the rear seat already on this model. The shell and wings are also totally rot free so it's a really good solid car to start with.

                              I've also got a high spec 1989 LHD Corrado G60 which before I stuck it through a hedge was pretty much mint, I'm the first UK owner and it's only done 70K miles, I was going break it, however I've assed the damage with a sober head and I can fix it for not a great deal of outlay financially, just a lot of my time which is something I'm going to have plenty of. So my current thought is to fix it and either sell it or if I can afford to keep it as prefer driving LHD cars and I know it's history inside out.

                              Finally I have a Five door 1992 Golf 8V GTi which someone spent a huge amount on converting to full G60 spec using parts from a original German G60 MK2 as opposed to most the UK conversions one see's cobbled together with Corrado parts. It's totally rot free, and I could have it running and on the road in less than a week if I wasn't currently broken myself. Need's a new Cambelt and a bit of a sort out under the bonnet and both fuel pumps have totally seized from being stood, an issue I've dealt with before on a 16V MK2, I even have two new pumps ready to go. Otherwise it's in great shape. This has to be repaired and sold to fund my other projects.

                              Also got mountains of parts to shift on eBay, though I'm currently (quite rightly) on the naughty step on there after my 2020 mental breakdown caused absolute havoc on my account and I can only list 25 items a month currently. To be honest I'd struggle with packing anything heavier than a turbo at the moment so this is fine with me. I don't expect to be able to sell things on here again yet after what happened, though if anybody still wants a part they had to accept a refund for I'll still have it and will send it out for the cost of postage and if your happy you can pay me when it arrives, I'd even cover the postage myself but I'm not exactly rich at the moment given I can't work and won't be able to for the foreseeable future. Of course people are always welcome to collect stuff should they still want it.
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                              1992 C4 100 2.8 Avant quattro, daily driver.
                              1995 RS2, MTM K26/7, 380 BHP conversion.
                              1996 C4 2.8 30V quattro, future project car...