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Resurrection of my CQ20V

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  • Some large button heads, and a flap disc in a grinder


    • Car up at workshop now, fixing will commence on Sunday I reckon.

      Turns out my dad has a tiny borescope, so I will be able to get a good look in there, and see what's missing or not!


      • Well, a productive afternoon.

        Tackled the rear main seal sump bolts, borescope in hand, behind hole number 1:


        Behind hole number 2:


        Suffice to say, that is definitely missing something in hole number 2. The mystery is solved, and predicted by newsh / Andy P .

        Sorry for the quality, the borescope cost £7 and plus into an android phone/tablet, so you can imagine why it looks like this!

        So, tackled this issue, turns out the cap heads that hold the crank sensors in place are only a few mm shorter, so used one of those, and replaced the sensor bolt with a regular hex head, fiddly to do up as you can't get a socket on it, but doable.

        I removed the one that was in there, which was good and tight, and replaced both with a good amount of loctite for good measure.

        Then onto the reason for the non-starts....

        On the 7A, there really is no way to fabricate something to replace the pin, there is so little room (It is NOT like AAN/ABY square pins at all, see previous photos), basically you have the thickness of the pin, and the height of the pin to work with.

        So, I cleaned the area up with a burr and sanding wheel, in a die grinder, with the earth lead connected to the front crank pulley, and the welder turned up to 11, I put a series of spot welds in a line, slowly building up without going too wide, to attempt to mimic the height and length of the pin. Once I'd exceeded it slightly, I pulled the die grinder out again and hand machined it back to the shape of the pin. This was important, as where the end of the pin stopped, there is NO room between it and the back of the engine. Similarly, if the pin was made too 'fat', it will hit the sensor -even with the stock pin, there were witness marks on the end of the sensor, so they are pretty close!

        In the end, it looked like this:


        It is smoother than the photo/reflections make it look, and definitely not proud of where the original pin was.

        So, starter back on, refit cranks sensors, connect battery -'click' nothing..... turns out I had the solenoid wire on the wrong spade terminal, doh.

        Switched it over, turned the key, and up she started! Phew... all good, thankfully, and hopefully never to happen again.
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        • Well done! Sounds like a permanent fix!


          • I certainly hope so....


            • That's a bit of a result. Saves removing a gearbox or engine



              • ....... And MOT passed this morning, advisory about both rear drop links knocking, hardly surprising, they are the originals ( I kinda knew they were like this....)

                One more for the list