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Resurrection of my CQ20V

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  • Nice work. Another Bilt fan here, as you know. Get some Dynax in the cavities
    Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
    Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


    • Cheers, yes, one for the list is Dynax!


      • What's going on with that seal? I can't quite work out the design, is the white bit just packaging or something? When I did mine, I re used the old housing and was supplied (in a bottom end gasket set) a new seal to press into it. I'm surprised you got a new housing with your seal, it's not as though the wear out!


        • White bit slips over the crank when fitting, helps fitting, and prevents damage or flipping the seal

          The weird bit I thought, was there apparently being no requirement for a gasket, and the seal being made by those rubber protrusions....

          I'd even bought the gasket to fit it, which was a waste of money! Seal, even with the housing, wasn't expensive, <£20.


          • Ahhh! Well, Elring ought to know what they are doing so I'm sure all will be well


            • A couple of shots of today, ready to bolt in, I think.....

              IMG_20210103_203157.jpg IMG_20210103_203250.jpg


              • Cleaned up parts are looking great, nice work! I'm glad I read through your thread and found an option for a beefier rear ARB. I'll be putting that on my wishlist for the future.
                2001 A4 Avant QMS - FXK04'd
                1991 Audi CQ - Project
                1996 A4 12v Quattro Manual - SOLD


                • Thanks jbrentd ! Lots of work, hopefully worth it in the long run.

                  Bit of an overdue update, things have been pushed back somewhat a certain German auto parts supplier taking 8 weeks to decide they are unable to deliver to the UK any more (or something like that), and they were holding on to monies until things got sorted.

                  Things are sorted now, and I have been able to re-order the stuff I was waiting on from elsewhere, UK based this time....

                  So... start for 10, without peeking, anyone guess what this is?



                  Another clue.....


                  You must have it by now....

                  Yes, the dampers arrived (the rears so far), which I clearly forgot to even get a snap of, shame as the B6s come in a lovely shade of yellow!

                  Here is the tool in blurry action:

                  These collars are done up to 95lbft, with this small extension I did them up a touch less. Given how lovely these collars are, I didn't feel like using stilsons on them like I normally would on the standard mild steel versions!

                  This is it on the torque wrench:


                  Yes, it looks a bit scrappy, but it is literally that, I had a piece of plate with a hole already drilled in it, which even trying to avoid I managed to hit it and make the cut out look daft. That said, it worked brilliantly.

                  The end result is this:


                  Ready to be bolted in, which I promptly did, and then immediately forgot to take a photo or two. Followed the struts with one of the driveshafts before school pick up called a halt to the end of the day's play.

                  Front dampers should be arriving this week, as well as potentially a clutch, which means the front of the car can start to go back together as well.

                  As for the steering rack debacle (detailed here: as I have a dry rack, albeit with the wrong hose connections, I think I am going to try that route and see if I can get there with minimal fuss. A second hand hose, and I will need to source a fitting to replace the one that was mistakenly removed from the good rack, that takes an internally threaded hole in the rack bellhousing, to a ball-style socket for the end of the new hose. Fingers crossed it will all work, off to order the hose now!

                  More updates soon, as want to get this on the road before the end of the month at the very latest.


                  • Nice

                    Strut gaiters look posh !


                    • Yes, very nice rubber

                      No external bump stops, the B6 dampers have them built in, so one less thing to fail


                      • Great stuff mate, love the shock spanner

                        S2 Coupe 3B Project

                        Ur quattro restoration

                        S2 Avant

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                        • Originally posted by newsh View Post
                          love the shock spanner
                          Hah, yeah, not my finest work, but hey, it works!

                          I hadn't realised they had a specific tool to do these up, from Bilstein, of course I wasn't going to order one and wait for it to arrive.

                          Now I can't find one anyway, unless it is this:


                          Unless these work, though they appear to be coilover adjustment spanners, really:


                          Hard to do a torque setting with them!

                          Aha, I think I found it:

                          Screenshot 2021-03-01 at 09.32.00.jpg

                          THAT makes more sense....

                          I'm sure it works, quite like mine compared to the £43(!)


                          • Or.... £13.60 if you go to autodoc:



                            • Originally posted by Bowie69 View Post
                              Yes, very nice rubber

                              No external bump stops, the B6 dampers have them built in, so one less thing to fail
                              So the B6 dampers come with new caps? Are they S2 size?
                              Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
                              Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


                              • Yep, new caps with a seal built into them as you can see from one of my tool photos.

                                I ordered ones to fit my CQ20V car, but they do list different dampers for the S2 Coupe (as well as the avant separately), here:


                                Note the fitment notes, which didn't appear when I was looking for mine:

                                Fitment Notes:
                                Position: Front Axle ; 50 ;

                                I'd assume a quick email would confirm, they responded to me quickly when they had a stock issue (I ended up getting mine from Demon Tweeks). Given the caps have a seal, and clamp the damper in a totally different way to the stock one, they absolutely must supply their own caps, I reckon