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My Kingfisher Blue S2 aby update and revival

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    Hey guys need help fast!!! The car starts and runs, but after 5-10 seconds it cuts the engine.

    It then blows fuse 32,(20amp) the engine timing 3 fuse.

    What does this power? Or what could this be?
    Ive fitted new tfsi coils and removed amplifiers for the old coils.

    i have an after market emerald k6 ecu fitted and it worked before with that. I have a rolling road booked tomorrow which is really expensive, need help super fast!! My electrician guy needs some info.


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      Fuse 32 at far right.
      Power to coilpacks and ECU (maybe other things?)
      Could be a problem with a coilpack or the new coilpack loom.

      All the diagrams are on S2 Central bud.

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        I hope you find the cause and don't miss your mapping session. Electrics are a dark art unless you know what you are doing. Very hard for anyone to diagnose remotely.
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          Any news? We are all in suspense
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            Ok guys it was the new tfsi coils.. old ones in and works..

            my next hurdle is, i need a tune on the car and fast. Nurburgring trip is thursday morning.
            i have an emerald k6 ecu and a wide band lambda sensor fitted and cd for tuning.
            2.5 inch exhaust, larger air intake and k and N air filter. It was chipped before on old ecu. Thats it on power mods.
            it has 2nd hand aby harmonic damper on it now also.

            Possibly need 4wd alignment also.

            Can anyone help?


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              Hey everyone! I hope you are all well! Covid has been crazy - I sort of turned into a hermit!! I have been working on the car during some of this time to get the car ready for the road and reviving her! Also for future trips to the Nurburgring!

              So I had the car mapped today by emerald in Norfolk as I have their ecu's installed. It ran a 273bhp. Does this sound ok for a 1995 ABY? - 2.5 inch exhaust, 1 silencer, a larger air intake (close to rs2 size hole).

              He also said that the car is running hot - 95 degrees.
              (I recently removed the aux radiator) - Do you know what this could be guys?

              Thank you so much and its good to be coming back!


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                Hey there guys!! how are you all feeling?

                My car is far away at a mates workshop,
                My car didnt pass the MOT, here's the result:

                Do any of you know where I can source these parts for good measure? or tips and tricks?

                Im sure about:
                It seems emissions (my mate at garage will fit a sports cat).
                (wheel bolts I have)
                indicator prob lose i was working on it prior

                unsure about:
                The gater for the steering rack,
                bushes / top mounts,
                wiper blades not clearing screen??
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                  Power figures sound fine. Looks like you need some new wipers or they are just dirty. As for the exhaust a sports CAT will be the best bet and i'd look at doing the suspension bush over the winter for next year.

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                    Hello people!! So I am posting a few new updates!
                    The S2 is now on the road and driving well!
                    I am still solving the high coolant temp atm:

                    Action to take:
                    Coolant Flush (completed)
                    Purchase larger aluminium Radiator,
                    Purchase OEM Thermostat
                    Purchase new MTFS from pete at quattro corner

                    (this should hopefully solve this - including bleeding the system afterwards).

                    Right now though It looks like I must repair my headlining as its literally hanging off! (Ive gaffer taped it up temporarily).
                    I will document this..

                    It seems the method to do this is to extract the entire headlining board from the vehicle and then take off the lining carefully.
                    Then scrape off the foamy gluey orange residue thats gluing the lining to the ceiling. (An involved not so pleasant task).

                    Then apply a good adhesive and then I will attach the old lining back (which is in great condition).
                    I need to source the appropriate glue for this task.

                    Would I need a foam layer or foam glue? or just glue?
                    Is the headliner glued or slotted into the ceiling? is it easy to remove?

                    Anyone have any tips on this?

                    Link on forum that helps:

                    I saw a method shown on youtube here:
                    (though this is using a new foamy headliner)


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                      It may look good now but when you have removed all the crumbling foam you are likely going to want a new lining. There is a guide on how to remove on the forum if you search. I used a long upvc strip, sharpened at one end to feed between the roof and liner from the rear. Getting the new material on is quite difficult without creasing. If there is a good upholsterer near you, I would pay to get it fitted. The new lining material comes with a thin foam backing. You use a high temp spray adhesive to replace. Good luck
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                        here you go
                        RS2/S2/Audi 80 Avant headliner removal DIY - S2Forum - The Audi S2 Community
                        Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
                        Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


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                          Wow Mister Dave ! thank you very much! will look into this

                          I did search though not many results came up, thank you, this will really help me