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  • Bloody hell Hamish that looks like a scary job getting that down from the attic

    Looks like you have a great new home for it. Nice moody lighting for the photos

    As you were...
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    • Carbon wing mirrors were from Prospeed. They are going to be left carbon. Car will be white with carbon details.

      It's pretty hairy dropping it down. That will be the last time anything is done up there I think. It's great to work at ground level and be able to spin the car around. You have to make best with what you have though!


      • Absolutely stunning.

        Top class work and creativity.


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        • So nice work !


          • Amazing Build! your fab is top notch, an inspiration to us all. Hope there is an update soon! Hope the shoulder is well!


            • Back onto the car after a summer sorting out the house and garage.

              First job was to get the car into a spit so it could be turned over to work on the underside. Easy on the front as it just bolted up to the chassis legs. The rear wasn't so easy as it hasn't got any metal left. So I fabricated a temporary frame to get back to the rear bumper mounts.

              Next job was to mount up the diff.

              Treated myself to some suspension. KW 2 way race set up. Went for the inverted dampers to stiffen them up.

              Onto building up the wishbones now and mounting the suspension. That will be a big hurdle overcome as the rear end was always going to be a big job!

              A big thanks to Tom (Salinot) for organising the purchasing and shipping of these from America. Its great to have people who will go to such lengths to help out a fellow car enthusiast!

              Finally a big thanks to Albert from AK motorsport for supplying the bearings seperately from his normal kits to fill the holders.

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              • Sounds like good progress but Photobucket is killing the picture links..
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                • A bump for the thread as I have finally sorted the photos for the previous update.


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                    • Impressive scaffolding work !
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                      • You build a proper car sir!


                        • Any updates?
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                          • I will sort a proper update when I have my laptop. Uploading photos doesn’t seem to be so easy.
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