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Heavy Duty WGFV N75

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  • Heavy Duty WGFV N75

    I have some heavy duty wast gate frequency valves for sale.

    The 3 port valve is a direct replacement for the oem N75 WGF Valves.
    Its plug and play and can be used as a replacement for:

    034 906 283 J / 3B engine
    034 906 283 K / ABY, ADU and AAN engine

    Each valve comes with a fitted connector plug as well as 3 hose tails for the standard size 8mm hose.
    Each valve can also be supplied with a T piece if required and a exhaust muffler if not venting back to MAF hose.

    The 4 port valve is also a replacement for the oem N75 WGF Valves but this valve can be used to control boost in the upper and lower parts of the wastegate with out using a T pice.

    Here is the two options:

    And here they are assembled:

    The 3 port valve can be connect as the OEM valve is like so:

    aansluiten alternatieve N75 van Bo_audi4fun.jpg

    Or it can be connected to control the upper part of the waste gate using the T pice to pressurize the lower part of the wastage as seen in this picture:

    The 4 port valve can be connected to both the upper and lower part of the waste gate like this:

    The exhaust fittings are optional and mean that the execs air is vented off and not fed back in to the intake system. This is only really useful if you are running a MAF after the turbo.

    Its also possible to use AN fittings on these valves as they have a 1/8" thread, but they are not supplied with the valves.

    The port on the valves are labeled. One the 3 port valve with oem fitment port 2 connects to the lower part of the waste gate, port 3 connects to the turbo and port 1 connects to the air return MAF hose.

    The cost of each 3 port valve including shipping is £52

    The cost of each 4 port valve including shipping is £70
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    Hi bo

    I will have one

    I will speak with my tuner to confirm which one

    Regards Wayne
    RS 2 580HP


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      Are you sure the one on the right is for 12 vdc doesn't add up or it could be me...

      On the look out for less bits for my s2 saloon project. Now supporting myself by shooting for my food.


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        Originally posted by Flat on my back View Post
        Are you sure the one on the right is for 12 vdc doesn't add up or it could be me...
        Well spotted! Looks like i was sent one that is 120v not 12v. I have checked all the other 12 and they are 12V, just my luck that i picked the wrong one to take a picture off..

        Here is the correct unit.

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          so bo, you tested these and they work with the normal motronic even if mapping is done with the OEM N75? any differences in reactions??


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            I have tested these in a chipped s2 3b, and in a none chipped s4 aan.
            Im both it worked perfect. I couldnt really tell any faster boost pick up or quicker response but i think thats because i didnt push it hard enough. I will be testing it in an rs2 spec s2 aby, an rs2 spec s2 3b and a chipped s2 aby in the next couple of weeks too, just to make sure everything is perfect.

            These units are sold with 100% money back guarantee if your not happy with your purchase with in 14 days.

            So that should cover any doubt.
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              yes sure,
              im just interested in the fact that at least on VEMS there was indeed a need to make changes following the use of one these,nothing spectacular though. Also i may point out that if the map has a boost cut at some point, there is a chance that when using the top part of the wastegate, you may be reaching it quite easily, esp. on cold weather,which turbos like. Just adding my experience.

              Nonetheless these are way better than OEM


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                Thanks for the info
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                  no prob!


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                    Nice diagram on the 4 port, I'm using the 4 port in my car now I bought the parts separately from the US and it is a good price as the UK shop has a 4-6 week leadtime if you try to order via them.


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                      Looks good, will be in contact pay day, lol.
                      Probably the longet S2 project in history EVER!


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                        Ok quattro. Still plenty left so just let me know when your ready.
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                          wich are the advantajes of the 4 port valve for conect it to the top hole of the wastegate??

                          better control of the boost or something similar??

                 is better these valves than our original N75´s?? no problems with the Motronic true??

                          thanks Mr Bo
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                            No problems with Motronic.

                            The 4 port mode is useful if your running a advanced boost controller like the eboost2 module or similar because each port can be used to control pressure in each part of the WG. but the 3 port valve with the T pice does basically the same.

                            Its all down to preference though at the end of the day. But the 4 port valve is not plug and play, the 3 port is.
                            Yes these are better then original, they have a very long life expectancy and are highly unlikely to fail according to the manufacture.

                            91 S2 coupé - RIP
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                              Bo I think I need one of these, I've been getting some strange boost issues lately, occasionally when it drops below freezing I suddenly get a load of extra boost, I think the WGFV is freezing and holding the WG closed, happened last night, soon as the car warmed up it was back to normal.

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