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  • Originally posted by Greg_S View Post
    That’s some rapid progress on the engine swap. Any news on the fate of your other engine?
    No yet maybe get some info next week.
    A little more progress today with engine mounts and inlet manifold fitted, checking out fitment of catch tank setup from other car.


    • Originally posted by sidrick View Post
      Awesome garage!
      Thanks, You still in the USA what happened to your 3b?


      • Originally posted by sjw185 View Post

        Thanks, You still in the USA what happened to your 3b?
        Well remembered! I swapped 4 years in the US and a convertible Mustang for coming back home to a NA Impreza and impending sidrick jr Imprezas are *****, by the way.

        My old 3B, I'd love to know! Sold it to a local guy who seemed to love a project and had money to fling at it, but without really realising what these cars entail (no offence if you're reading). He e-mailed moaning months after the sale and I asked if he wanted to make it official (it was trailered away, had been started on front of him, and had no MOT) and never heard back. So I didn't want to chase it's next steps via him. I assumed it'd be sold and scrapped /facepalm. A real shame. I wish I'd stored it; nice little earner if I had kept it.

        I loved that car. I love the S2, but I can't envisage buying another considering the price:ballache ratio that they are now, haha.


        • Congrats on Sidrick junior

          Originally posted by sidrick View Post
          price:ballache ratio.


          • Managed to pick up a ABY fan cowling and motor for 3b but it was not spinning free.
            Opened up motor as suspected brushes or bearing issue?
            Turned out to be corroded spring clip for magnets which was a shame but maybe find a clip or at very least can get a new motor for plastic cowl.
            ​​​​​​​ fan magnet clip broken.jpg


            • Continued rebuilding engine into 3b, as I was going to be fitting motronic ECU instead of VEMS had to do some alterations to get intake boot and MAF to fit.
              Trimmed vertical bracket as intake boot was AAN configuration but fitted well after creating some space.
              Opened up socketed ECU I got from Kit on the Forum to install EFI Express boost/fuel chips. Also MAP sensor and resistor mod completed.
              Went to try a start but would only turn over but not fire? was worried about immobilizer being the issue but it turned out to be my fault as when I swapped to pins back from the flywheel sensor one of the wires was not clipped in correctly so after that it fired right up

              intake boot bracket fitted.jpgintake boot bracket.jpg
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              • Next I tried to bleed the clutch connecting ezebleed only to find the hose on the clutch cylinder had no clip on it.
                It popped off under the dash with the pressure pumping Dot 4 into the drivers footwell
                Once sorted got the cooling system bled and took out for test run.
                Great feeling having it running again and will be able to continue on making it track worthy.


                • Been reading over Andy10vs project thread on the 3b to remind me about the history of this car.

                  Hopefully I am finally going to get to enjoy it and put some miles on the clock.
                  Got a few wee jobs when I get home but want to get out and drive it.
                  • Fit new slave cylinder
                  • Fit AFR gauge
                  • Seal coolerworks shifter with rubber gaiter underneath.
                  • Rubber door trims
                  • Head light trims
                  • Carbon wrap roof again 3rd time lucky
                  • Fix electric windows
                  • Weld in drivers seat bars
                  Been making a list of current parts/spec

                  Engine DNA Rebuild Wossner pistons, ZRP Rods
                  Gearbox 3b 5 speed with coolerworx shifter
                  Clutch Sachs 707 pressure plate Disc RS4 Stg 3
                  Flywheel 12lb, 034 aluminum flywheel
                  Rear Diff Torsen
                  Exhaust 3inch vee band downpipe to 2.75 2 box system
                  Intake Wagner reverse with 8LS3 Throttle cable
                  Intercooler Wagner with crossmember
                  Injectors Siemens deka (630cc/min) injectors
                  Turbo EFR 6758
                  Suspension KW V1 coilovers AK motorsport solid top mounts
                  ARB RARB Front standard S2 Rear whiteline
                  Bushes Powerflex wishbone and subframe
                  Wheels BBS RX 17 235/45/17
                  Wheel Spacers 15mm front 20mm back using 85mm studs
                  Exhaust manifold Arlows RS2 rep K24 Flange
                  Engine management Motronic 3bar MAP and resistor mod
                  Cooling Aluminum radiator ABY fan
                  Fuel pump Walbro 255
                  Seats Bimarco bucket
                  Cage Half Hoop Custom Cages/Scott Mcminn
                  Roof welded sunroof /carbon wrap
                  Brakes Vac Booster Porsche front with 328 A8 Discs Banbridge brackets
                  Rear Brakes B7 Discs 300x22 vented A8/S8 Carriers Calipers from URS4 with S8 Pads
                  Oil cooler 13row Mocal


                  side view.jpgrear.jpgInterior.jpg


                  • Very nice car you have


                    • Some more work on the 3b
                      Got a new slave cylinder installed and bled.
                      Fitted a vems round car running 14.7 and about 12.6 on a cruise.
                      Needed to get the electric windows working as the drivers side was moving but making some nasty noises like it was going to snap any second.
                      Opened up the motor gear plate, the wire was all twisted and plastic wheel was toast.
                      Got a replacement cable and wheel on ebay so turned out to be an cheap fix.
                      The passenger side was not moving but was getting 12v and the motor was heating up so it was still alive, removed the two screws holding the motor and the motor jump in and out on the worm gear.
                      After that it started moving the window and freed off.

                      Pass window.jpgwindees working.jpg


                      • ABY block back from machine shop ready for rebuild.
                        Made a start cleaning the sump and oil pump.
                        Plan to assemble the bottom end and fit in the car first leaving cylinder head for later.
                        Need a second sump gasket as only received one in the kit.
                        Plan to put everything back original with dual mass flywheel and PCV system.



                        • Nice work, great progress!