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    Hopefully very soon...

    I had my project thread taken down after my request. I'm introducing a short version of the story if my RS2(wannabe) just to act maybe as an awakening for many of us (myself inlcuded) who indulge in a wealth of non stopping modifications in our cars to make them more powerful, resulting in a race vehicle rather than an everyday car we used to like to drive around and have fun with.

    I know many members use the I5 engined audi as a recreation vehicle for weekends only and tracks, OR have the means to use a different car. This can allow for radical mods on the car's perfomance IMO, which would then most definitelly take the car to the next level. However, if you want a car which you can use everyday and have fun with as well as take you from a to b without worrying for every sound,crack,split,whooshing noise you hear, then there are limits...

    Ill make it a short version here:

    car started out like this:

    making around 315hp and 460Nm of torque although being on a changed mapping.(from previous owner).

    Milltek catback, and KN filter went on as well as samco hoses.

    Immediatelly the sound of the car became loudish...

    RS2 turbocharger and EM replaced, BUT cyl head kept on as cracks were found but no tremendous problems.
    After a few thousant Kms, the car wouldnt pass emissisons and so the decision to go for an overhaul was taken.

    GT3071R 0.63AR,spec 3+, used uncracked fully serviced cyl head (ADU) was found, larger intercooler, mahle pistons, scat rods, comp ratio of 9ish:1, mapping done by Erdal(with 3 different boost levels eventually).

    car looked like this now:

    ...BUT hey, those wheels arent nice, lets get something else instead:

    THEN... blimey MAF sensor going bad all the time...

    Lets try something new...

    lots of months passed, extensive reading and practicing, lots of cursing when things didnt go right.. but in the end, nice results, no problems, idle fine and wow, what a change!

    ....was i satisfied? i should have been...

    anyway, in the process of ongoing upgrades...
    Got myself a SQ manifold, reverse inlet manifold, holset HX40 turbo, new southbend clutch, 7A lightened flywheel(which i exchanged for a non lightened one),LS2 coils, lots of belts service parts, new gearbox and diff oil, all around discs and pads, new brake bomb accum...

    Car went in Greece for yet another overhaul...:

    some nice things there, aux rad was shortened to allow inlet to the airfilter, cruise control was installed even with the reverse manifold...

    BUT, the Holset is as big as the GT35 turbo in power outputs,faster than the GT35 in spool,(with the 0.70AR which was huge!!!), but the car had lost it's character IMO. It pulled hard once boost was on, but was very slow on off boost,and that margin was big.Problem was the fact that even on higher gears the pull was very low on low revs which meant a lot of gear changing to get it to the revs.
    On the other hand, HX can and should be used with high boost levels to produce numbers, which i wasnt keen on doing.Perhaps a smaller hotside (.55AR from mitshubishi or custom made KKK) would have made a difference in spooling...

    Also the large bore downpipe needed a lot of corrections to have made which i didnt have time to do so when back home...

    On the trip back home, the bumper had a mount and right side rip off due to some very low underground parking,which Rob managed to make it as good as new!

    Finally GT3076R 0.82AR was fitted at GT500 place, along with all water/oil lines.
    As we speak the car is having a downpipe redone, and after that it needs a hydraulic hose to have the brakes sorted(hopefully).

    A custom alloy airbox shield will be done as well,and the car looks somewhat like this now:

    Old setup and parts are sold and hoping that people will appreciate as much as i did these years. This 3076 is about what i always wanted from the engine, and im sure it will do the job right for me.

    Did i have to go through all this route to make the right choise? Likely...
    Are there more than 1 right choise? Likely...

    The bottom line is to decide what you want the car to do, and then make the choises.Do you want more power? or are more interested about power delivery?
    Do you want to play around with cams, and timing, adjustable parts that need expert attention possibly more than once or just an everyday setup that will bring smiles to your face everytime you drive it,and might not make as many hp as the guy's next door?

    Sometimes you have to go through to the other side of power making before ending up with what you trully enjoy.And this is what happened to me.

    Once the car is properly sorted, i will map it and enjoy it as much as i can.Cause when a new problem arises and start seing replacement parts lists,then you wish you hadnt put all your money to a new upgrade instead...haha

    Have a new separate AUDI account now, and will proceed only if there is £££ in it!

    Be carefull what goals you set... hp is not the best thing to look for, probably the last thing!
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    Nice reply and glad to see you posted it up, interesting to read, two questions, how much was the holset in the end and in the bottom picture next to the headlight what looks to be the dump valve is missing a pipe?


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      re-circulating to atmosphere lol


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        Originally posted by A80Avant View Post
        .Cause when a new problem arises and start seing replacement parts lists,then you wish you hadnt put all your money to a new upgrade instead...haha
        never a statement rang so want to spend money on mods, then, some major work elsewhere comes and 'absorbs' all your money....

        great thread Vas....


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          do you mean in price or in power?

          i have 2 dump valves now, both to atmosphere, although i dont think the second will be needed. I like the sound of it though!


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            Originally posted by Acidburn View Post
            Nice reply and glad to see you posted it up, interesting to read, two questions, how much was the holset in the end and in the bottom picture next to the headlight what looks to be the dump valve is missing a pipe?

            he's on VEMS. his "bypass" valve can be converted to a "blowoff" valve with no penalty
            Marc Swanson
            Proprietor, EFI Express
            95.5 //S6 Avant
            90' Coupe Quattro V8 4.2L twin turbo
            93' //S4
            83' UrQ
            97' F250 7.3 diesel


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              a porsche 911 9FF was at the garage back in greece with 1100hp for some problems at the time, and they had done the same thing with the DVs.Instead of bypassing them, they had them as blowoffs.


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                Not to forget, im still running 1.1.27 and will be switching to newer firmware versions in the future. Marc, im waiting for a 1.1.70 base map with my name on it...haha

                Many thanks to Marc, Rob, Jase, AndyP, and others for their help over these upgrade times!!


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                  What cams are you going to run with your GT3076R 0.82AR?

                  Also which air filter are you using under your Bacofoil?


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                    Great advice Vas ,can you tell me about that front splitter please


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                      looks like the cupra r lip.


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                        This is a great thread. It is all too easy to get wrapped up in doing everything possible to your car because others are, but sometimes you need to step back and realise what you want, not what people think you should have. Its your car, your personal choice!


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                          that is indeed the cupra R lip modified.

                          I have 3 choises of air filters. The HKS mushroom, a flat KN one which is like the mushroom but a bit smaller and i also have the APEXi one, which i havent used yet. The mushroom and KN have no difference in 'feel' so far i have tested, and the KN makes a bit less sound.

                          I kind of dislike how both sound at the moment, so i wanted to construct a shield/box with inner/outer foil wrap to reduce the noise.

                          Next thing to try is with an elbow reducer to try the Apexi filter(at cost of some hp) but hey, dont really care about that anyway!

                          Im expecting the filter from Greece and it has a 76mm adaptor.So i plan to get a 102 to 76 elbow 90deg and fit it there somehow...

                          Even so,i dont thing it would reduce the noise a lot, so ...

                          Cams im using are stock ADU with ADU wheel.No changes there.


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                            Agree the HKS is rather noisey.

                            What's the KN filter look like?

                            Not much space infront of a 3076


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                              the one of right is the one im using now