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  • Stroker build

    So I have been wanting to build a stroker for a long time for my urs4 and also my urq. I started gathering up parts for the last few years and started the build on 1 engine for my daily urs4. When I say daily, what I mean is I drive it at the weekends mostly and sometimes during the week. It does 7 to 10 K miles per year. I drive a van/jeep during the week for work. The urs4 runs on lpg autogas and has a stock ish engine with a garrett Gtx2867r on a rs2 manifold, 630cc petrol injectors, 3 inch exhaust, 600 x 300 x 75 mm intercooler and vems for an ecu. It has a South bend clutch and a v8 s4 gearbox at the moment which is noisy.

    Want I want is a engine that makes more low down grunt. I'm not looking for big top end bhp numbers. The idea was a bigger capacity engine and a small ish turbo is the way forward for a fun car to drive. If I'm making mid 4xx bhp then the car will be plenty fast enough. If I come up against something that pulls out and leaves this on the motorway, then I would need something like 600 bhp to stick with it, and I couldn't drive that sort of compromise in a urs4 as a daily. But the Urq build will be different

    Anyhow I got a 140bhp tdi engine ael I think and used that as a donor. I was trying not to spend a fortune so the plan was to use as many stock non custom parts.

    So I will post a few pictures next.

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    Im listening intently to this thread as im after a 600hp stroker for my S2 toy as I also have a mk2 golf which I do 25k a year in. Similar to your S2 though it will probably do 5-6k a year


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      TDi block

      Wossner 9a turbo 82.5mm pistons

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        Measuring piston volume for cr calculations

        Ported and polished head with supertech valves

        Modified tdi block with steel welded to cover a head passage and skimmed and painted.

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          Bearings, rs2 splutter type.

          IE 159mm rods, rifle drilled with Wossner pistons

          Measuring and setting ring gaps

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            Nice, I really fancy doing one of these, been thinking about it since Pisobiker's project way back when

            S2 Coupe 3B Project

            Ur quattro restoration

            S2 Avant

            Boost is the new rock and roll!


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              Very nice more please


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                Engine and head bolted together with m12 12.9 cap heads. Also used 12.9 cap heads in the mains

                Vernier cam pulley with wheel for can sensor.

                The ventilation system I'm using

                Efr turbo

                Sachs racing clutch. Won't fit ffs

                Correct spec pressure plate against wrong sachs. Any idea what the sachs clutch is for?

                I'm using a 3b flywheel.

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                  Clutch bolted up

                  Engine and rs2 box

                  I'm now looking at the timing belt. The 151 tooth belt I'm using is a bit slacker than I would like. So I'm wanting a rs2 150 tooth belt that no longer exists or I'm going to increase the size of the 3b oil pump idler.

                  That's were I'm at now...

                  Cheers des

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                    This should help to ID the clutch:


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                      Cheers looks like it's a pressure plate for a race clutch on an ABY. Anyone want to buy or swap for a 3b pressure plate?

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                        Nice looking buildup. Did you use assembly lube on the rings?
                        Interested in some more info on the EFR turbo, last I saw they had not done a hotside without wastegate provision in the midrange units?
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                          Yep assembly lube on all the bits. Plan is cheap oil to run it upto temp on first startup, then change oil and filter and put 15/40 Dino oil in for the first 1k miles then fully synthetic oil from then on.

                          The turbo is an efr 6758 with external gate .85 exhaust housing. It's v band in and out. It's actually an ex indy car turbo. I bought 2 of them from a race team in the USA. The compressor on these are rated for 500hp and the turbine is the fancy titanium aluminide job. Should be interesting. I'm using a wagner t3 type exhaust manifold and have a made a t3 to vband adapted to get the turbo on.

                          The original plan was to use the Gtx2867r I have, but I reckon the efr should have the edge. Again I'm interested in response and grunt. I want over 500 ft /lb torque....

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                            Turbo pics

                            The oil and water lines have been modded since these pics. Water lines in 12mm stainless bent to fit. Silicone used to join the 12mm stainless away from the turbo and manifold so they don't get cooked.

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                              i DO like this !!!!!