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    Hey, i used lautasharja, dont know the enlifsh word
    Project Audi s2 coupé 1996



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      Okay, I have to buy some wire brushes for my angle grinder


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        Nothing much has happened past few weeks. Hopefully I can order the big brakes and a set of coilovers in a few weeks so I can spend my summer bolting on new/shiny parts While waiting the pay day at the end of the month, I received these tie rod inner bushings from Alex (Error404). Big thanks! Just fitted them and they were perfect.

        20180516_153115 (1).jpg


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          Again, it has been quiet month. Missus BMW decided to need all costly maintenance work at once, so I have to push back the purchase of the big front brakes and KW coilovers. Instead I decided to fix a few rust issues once my summer holiday starts. One is on the right A-pillar and it needs the windscreen removed to be fixed properly. Same goes for the rear glass and I understand this is a fairly common issue. My original plan was to fix these after the BBK and coilover install, but I decided to tackle these before it's too late. Hopefully no welding is needed and there is nothing that a wirebrush and spraygun can't handle

          Here's the rear glass


          And here's the A-pilllar



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            Two months has passed without me writing here anything but finally some progress. This week I managed to start the rear end painting/rust fixing process. While removing the interior trims, little surprise was there for me. Just as the wiring under the dash, the trunk lid wire harness looked like this I ordered some wires from vehicle wiring products and I'm expecting to receive them this week.


            Next step was to remove the rear glass. Took a little time to cut through the glue and some of the trim that sorrounds the glass, but it came out pretty easily after all


            This is how it looks without lights/glass


            All the rust spots were sandblasted, then painted with etch primer. After that the whole rear end was sprayed with sanding primer. Then it required A LOT of sanding, sanding and sanding. My arms still hurt


            This is how it looks after base and clear coats Looks decent when you look far enough...


            As always with painting (especially outside), you always get some dirt on your paintwork. Also I managed to get one big run:


            Pretty easy to fix that. But this is what troubles me the most. The whole paintwork is covered with small fisheyes. I'm thinking it's because of the humid conditions here and I just used simple water separator before the paint gun. I guess it needs a proper air dehumidifier to keep the small water particles out of paintwork.

            This is the worst side of the car. I painted this part last and the compressor had been running for some time. Will have to see how well wet sanding takes these away of if I have to spray a whole new clear.
            But before sanding I have to get some polyurethane glue to stick the rear glass back in and then I can start to put in lights and interior trim
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              Today was time to sort the tailgate wiring loom.


              I cut out the previous "repair" wires and soldered new ones in. Then I wrapped it with harness tape.



              After that it was time to put the glass back in


              This is the stuff I used. Its a 1K polyurethane glue from Pilkington


              That's about it. Hope the glue is dry tomorrow morning when I'll have to work with it It's been over a month since I've driven it the last time. I bet it's fun to drive it after a break


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                Those fisheyes you are talking about are silicone holes. Quite typical if you dont clean the painted areawith silicone remover. Other than that good job considering that its painted outside.
                1990 2.2 20VT Audi Coupe Quattro
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                  I thought so too, but considered it unlikely since I wiped it thoroughly with silicon remover. Maybe some oil residue in the compressed air? Whatever the reason, next time I'll invest in some proper filtration and give it even more careful silicon remover wiping
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                    Jep, next possible cause can be oil residue/water ect in compressed air. Next time use THIS. I have used it and it works like a charm!!!
                    1990 2.2 20VT Audi Coupe Quattro
                    *Hx35/k26, MaxxECU, Wagner EM/IC *RS2 Recaro *4pot-Brembo *3" turboback *Treser *Koni/H&R
                    1990 Audi 200 20v Avant 2.2 20VT *7 Seater *Full electric gizmos


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                      Well, my clutch master cylinder gave up a week ago. One morning when reversing out of my driveway, the clutch pedal refused to return. At first I was pretty confused what was going on, but a quick look to the master cylinder made everything clear. There was some severe weeping of brake fluid from the cylinder. Was fun driving for a week while waiting for parts to arrive Luckily again, this forum gave instructions how to fit regular 80 master cylinder to S2

                      I tried to look for some kind of manufacturer stamp on the old cylinder, but didn't find one. Probably some c**ppy cheapo part!

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                        I'm still having issues with air getting in to the cooling system and that prevents the coolant circulation from the heater matrix. Not very pleasant when the winter is coming. So I decided to do a pressure test to the coolant system. I introduced some pressurized air into the system and started to look for leaks. Very very little coolant was leaking from the after run pump housing. Good thing that I found it now and not on the road when it popped. Again this forum had the part number for cheaper than OEM pump. Luckily the local spare parts store had right Bosch pump on the self. Perfect fit and and easy installation. Hopefully this solved my cooling system issues

                        Here's the old pump. Red line shows the point of leakage. It's probably some cheapo pump, I could't find any identifications of the maker.



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                          It's been quiet with the car lately. The weather doesn't inspire too much to go out and start working on the car. Haven't got too much free time either, but a miracle happened today and I had few hours I got new front fenders from Audi in the end of summer, and as they don't have holes for side indicators I had to make them myself..

                          These are the clear side indicators I used. They are from MkII Golf


                          I had to make a template to make sure I don't ruin the new fenders by doing too big holes for the indocators. It's a snug fit now.


                          This is the hole I had to make


                          And indicator fitted


                          I did the same for both fenders and then finished by painting the edges of the holes with etch primer. Now these will continue waiting for paint.

                          The cooling system is still not working properly. Every time I bleed the system and drive for a couple weeks the air gets back in. No obvious leaks present. Next I'm going to replace the washer under the radiator bleed screw, it has seen better days.
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