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  • Antsa,

    Great alternator service write-up, deserves its' own thread-header and perhaps a sticky in electrical. Can you describe how you knew in advance, which bearings and slip rings to order and from where; and how the new slip rings are fixed in place. Thank you sir.


    • Thank you! I was thinking of writing a how to. I'm missing a couple of photos to do a thorough job, but I should have time next week.

      The bearings were a bit of a question mark before I took it apart. Local spare parts store gave me 3 different bearings based on the alternator OE number. We agreed that I can buy all 3 bearings and return the one that I don't need.

      The slip rings (or even their p/n) were not available from the store I got the bearings from, so it was google time. I found an eBay supplier that had the right looking slip rings for sale so I bought them. They did not arrive in time so I had to google again. I found a Finnish shop that had the slip rings in stock which turned out to be genuine bosch items. The eBay ones were definitely not, their quality was pretty poor. Basically nearly all Bosch internal fan alternator share the same slip ring.

      The alternator rotor has slots cut into the shaft that match the slip rings. The shaft also has little splines on it to hold the slip ring assebly.

      alt.jpg image_77158.jpg