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    Originally posted by Error404 View Post
    Yes they are dog ****. You get what you pay for. Go for Lemforder
    Seconded Dave, Lemforder all the way.
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      I'm going to disagree for a change. I don't think Lemforder is what it used to be, I bought a propshaft vibration damper for my A3 quattro and a year later it's jamming and looks like it's de-laminating, probably teh reason for the jamming. I also bought front suspension arms for a suspension re-build I was doing. They were painted when I bought them and came in genuine packaging, bought from ECP, so I shouldn't have had to paint them but I decided to anyway, just to keep them good and better protected, 6 months later the rust was coming through from under the paint all over the parts, time to avoid them is my opinion, sorry!


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        That's for all the advice. I will avoid Topran from now on. I see my originals have BOGE stamped on them along with the Audi part number so will seek them out.

        I've been cleaning the rear hubs today. Now soaking overnight in Detox to get in all the nooks and crannies.



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          And after. Note how much of the wire wheel I wore away!


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            Before I press my new bearings in, can anyone tell me if the S4 B6 brake upgrade works with the standard back plates? The discs are 300 x 22 and The back plates 300 across. Its going to be very tight if it fits at all!


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              A few more pics of progress.

              I found someone local to do my engine. Off it went. Hopefully it won't need any major surgery

              I've started on the front struts. I'm going to keep them as standard for now. I'm told they are RS2 springs and shocks. They seen good and struts should clean up well.

              I've also painted my rear hub carriers. It was a nice sunny day and ideal for painting.

              The fuel lines are off the car. Has anyone made up lines off the car? I'm worried about getting the length spot on. Any tips?

              Sorry the pics are all over the place. I don't know how that happened?


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                Originally posted by Error404 View Post
                Yes they are dog ****. You get what you pay for. Go for Lemforder
                The only Topran part I ever used was a coolant expansion cap on the C5 Allroad - replacing a very tired looking original one - it lasted about 60 miles before the system over pressurised, popped the top hose and dumped coolant down the M1... only saving grace was it happened just before a service station and I still had the old expansion cap in the car. Lucky escape, but yeah - Absolute garbage - never again !
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